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ATHENS - The much-anticipated recap of the Dawg Post Chat from Tuesday night covering: Summer workouts; Reuben Foster; Montravius Adams; Laremy Tunsil and more.

triguy71 – do we have any silents?

Dean Legge -I'm not sure I believe in the notion of a silent commit... I mean, sure, they exist, but if someone isn't going public are they really committed? Doesn't seem like it to me

triguy71 – do we end up with 30 or more in this class?

Dean Legge -No question Georgia will sign more than 30

Chad Simmons -Georgia will sign 30 for sure

ugadawg97 – Is there any possibility we land Foster, Tunsil and Adams?

Fletcher Page -It's possible that Georgia lands Foster, Adams, Tunsil – I would say Tunsil… then Adams… then Foster is the most likely in that order.

Shawnyoungblood – With 19 commits so far wouldn't it be crazy to think we don't fill all our available slots this year?

Dean Legge -Shawny – No question. But I am not sure the math works that they can get to 85 scholarships with the 2013 class alone... but they can get close

SuwaneeDawg03 – Chad, I haven't heard much about Tray Matthews lately. Is he still solid to the Dawgs, or is he looking around?

Chad Simmons -Matthews is solid... He visited Auburn, but I still feel he is a strong Georgia commitment

tst2803 – All – your opinion: most important recruit for this class?

Dean Legge -To me Brice Ramsey is pretty important at this moment because he can't be easily replaced. If he left town they would have real, real problems.

Fletcher Page -Most important recruit for this class: Current commits; QB Brice Ramsey and Shaq Wiggins. Still on the board; R. Foster and L. Tunsil.

FedorDawg – Dean or Fletcher-have you heard anything about offseason workouts?

Dean Legge -Fedor – It's been quiet on my end so far. I think the big thing for me, and this comes from someone who would know, is that while the workouts implemented over the last year are not innovative necessarily, they are working. The kids are stronger. I was told another jump in strength should happen this year.

Fletcher Page -On the workouts, I've heard some things in passing. The kids have responded really well to Sherman. He's been implementing agilities and stretching workouts.

tst2803 – Dean, do you see Grantham as a viable replacement for Richt?

Dean Legge -tst - no. I see Todd leaving before he has a chance to take over at Georgia...

GaRedneckDawg – are we recruiting Adams as a nose or de

Dean Legge -Ga Redneck - I think Montravious is likely a Nose who could play DE if he had to - but to me he's probably a nose. I think, with who is in the state right now, that he might be the top overall prospect. That's just me.

EmotionalFescue – Chad - is DawgNation sleeping on Steven Nelson?

Chad Simmons -Steven Nelson - Hard to say... His film is solid though... I do not know a lot about him, but I will check out his JUCO film this year

Berlusconi – Chad, is Henry trying to soften the blow by decommitting first or is UGA still really in it?

Chad Simmons -Derrick Henry Flipping - I honestly feel he is still torn... I give Bama a slight edge, but UGA still in it

Belue2Scott – Chad – Things have been quiet w/ Seymour, is he still a strong UGA lean?

Chad Simmons -Seymour has been VERY quiet... Still like UGA's chances though

Shawnyoungblood – Vonn Bell? Are we still in it for him?

Chad Simmons -Vonn Bell - Tennessee no. 1, Ohio State no. 2 right now imo... He plays things close to the vest but I have a good source there... Georgia is NOT out, but definitely on the outside looking in

Bulldog247 – Chad, Dean, Fletcher: just your gut feeling right now...who do we sign out of foster, adams, kamara and tunsil?

Dean Legge -Bulldog247 - I think Georgia signs Adams right now... not sure on the other three..

Chad Simmons -I like UGA's chances with Kamara TODAY... I rank their chances like this right now... Kamara - Tunsil - Adams - Foster... Have shot at all four, but will be VERY tough

Berlusconi –Dean/Fletch- Is Andrews big enough to play center in the SEC this year?

Fletcher Page -Andrews is still in the 280 range. His heart and work ethic are not question one bit. His size is the only knock, but I thinkn David will be fine.

Dean Legge -Berlusconi - The only, and I mean only, question on David is size... I think he will be fine... he's smart and mean

steven33880 –Dean or Fletch-where did Thomas (Carlton) end up?

Fletcher Page -I'm not sure what Carlton Thomas plans to do at this time.

Fletcher Page -Or, I should say, I haven't heard what Thomas is doing.

Belue2Scott – Dean/Fletch – Was M. Beard a disappointment coming out of the Spring and is there any sentiment among the staff that he is a legitimate OT?

Dean Legge -Belue2Scott - I am not sure I would call Beard a disappointment - remember he's still got three years to go...

gravy553 – chad, are we still suppose to get some "big" news this week?

Chad Simmons -gravy553 - Still could come, but was told it may go on a little longer for whatever reason... UGA still in very good shape and I wish I could say more, but it will come

FedorDawg –Dean or Fletch-How much of an impact will Theus make?

Dean Legge -Fedor - I think Theus starts sometime in October... so that's impact IMO – could be before then… we will see

54dawg – Chad, were do we stand with OG Crowder from NC ?

Chad Simmons -Crowder... UGA has to get him on campus... If they do, they have a shot

gravy553 – chad, are we still suppose to get some "big" news this week?

Chad Simmons -gravy553 - Still could come, but was told it may go on a little longer for whatever reason... UGA still in very good shape and I wish I could say more, but it will come

Shawnyoungblood – So do You see Mauger winding up kinda like Cootie Harrow? I think he was huge for our special teams last year!

Chad Simmons -Mauger is a better football player than Harrow without question... He is smarter, he is more disciplined, he tackles better, and he is just better

FedorDawg – Georgia needs tackles not guards

Chad Simmons -No doubt Fedor... They need OTs... Crowder is probably the only inside guy they would take right now

Belue2Scott –Any sense for who UGA would prefer among the 3 RBs? Henry, Kamara or Dye?

Dean Legge -Belue - I would imagine they like them in the order you listed them. But Kamara is a heck of a player – he's not a back-up plan

BeastieDawg106 – Chad you think Shaq will be another boykin type?

Chad Simmons -Shaq Wiggins - Shaq is not as fast as Boykin and he will not be a big return guy, but he will make plays and get INTs like Boykin

54dawg – Body language says a lot, and those pics of Foster and Wiggins relationship with our coaches out there are Priceless :)

Dean Legge -54 - I agree...

Bulldog247 – Chad, do we get another WR?

Chad Simmons -Bulldog247 - No doubt about it... Georgia will likely try to get 2 more imo

Berlusconi – Chad, what is keeping UGA from pursuing Demarcus Robinson?

Chad Simmons -Demarcus Robinson – Georgia is recruiting him and Ball and Lilly were down there this spring... He is just not feeling c right now... All signs point to him leaving the state

54dawg – Chad L.J. Moore and Hatari Byrd from Cali ??

Chad Simmons -54 Dawg - I will check... Dont know too much there... They have talked about visiting, but only time will tell there

triguy71 – dean or chad - who is the best recruiter on staff? grantham or mcclendon?

Dean Legge -Triguy - that's difficult... I think Lilly knows what he's doing, too. I got Grantham

Fletcher Page -On recruiting, BMac does a great job developing and sustaining relationships. When Bobo clicks with a kid, he's an ace. Lilly is just an all around well-liked guy. Grantham is the closer.

FedorDawg – From whoever that was at camp in here how good is Rico Johnson?

Chad Simmons -Rico Johnson - I have seen him at my MVP Camp and now the UGA Camp... Here are my thoughts... Fast, physical, and can run with receivers... Needs to work on footwork and balance at corner...

triguy71 – dean - do we need to worry about any of our commits flipping?

Dean Legge -Tri - I think until they sign you need to be slightly concerned... this is recruiting

econo – Chad- Your thoughts on Kelsey Griffin and where he ends up

Fletcher Page -econo - To add on Griffin, he's not the average bear in the classroom. He's a bright kid with a close family. They're being methodical about the recruiting process.

Belue2Scott – Dean/Fletch -- Which Fr/RFr contributes the most this season on the offense and defesive sides of the ball?

Fletcher Page -Jenkins and Josh Harvey Clemons I guess could be thrown in there too, but there is more depth at OLB than in the secondary

GaRedneckDawg – fletch or dean has Kolton Houston been cleared to play or is there still a hold up with ncaa

Dean Legge -GaRedneck - I've been told he will play. But I have not been told that he's been cleared by the NCAA yet

54dawg – Chad, will you be having the TV show on recruiting again this year? If so when will be your first show?

Chad Simmons -54Dawg - Yes on the TV show... We will be starting it late in the fall this year... We are prepping for a late summer show right now as well.

Belue2Scott – Don't expect Chad to answer this, but Dean/Fletch which schools are the biggest negative recruiters...we always hear about Bama/Kirby, but not sure if that is just jealousy or what???

Fletcher Page -B2S - I don't think it's jealousy. I think negative recruiting is part of the game at most schools, in one form or another.

FedorDawg – Dean-Which frosh make the biggest impact? Is Crowell working hard in the weightroom?

Dean Legge -Fedor - Don't want to speculate on IC - I do think if there was a problem we would hear about it; I would imagine Theus would make the biggest impact after the special teams guys.

triguy71 – dean/fletch - any freshman blowing it up this summer?

Fletcher Page -tri - Jordan Jenkins reported in a great, great shape. Really bulked up this spring. Haven't heard much from individual workouts yet though.

FedorDawg – Chad-How many DL does Georgia want?

Chad Simmons -DL - I see around 6 being targeted... 2 now... Adams, Griffin, Riles, Toby Johnson, and others out there

triguy71 – chad - what are our odds with Henry now? 20 - 30%?

Chad Simmons -Henry Odds - 40% or so

Belue2Scott – Of the kids left on the board, who is most coveted by the staff? Foster, Adams, Tunsil, ?

Dean Legge -Belue - good question... I would go with, wow, hard one - Tunsil

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