Wiggins One-on-One

Fox Sports Next's Chad Simmons goes in depth with Georgia commit Shaq Wiggins on his commitment to Georgia, how strong it is and why he picked the Bulldogs.

Simmons: Where do you stand with Georgia right now? You have taken a visit to Florida and you were at Ole Miss for a camp. What is your interest in other schools and how strong is your commitment to Georgia at this time?

Wiggins: Right now I am still 100% commit to Georgia. My interest in other schools? Examples would be Ole miss and Florida – they are high. I am just taking another look at certain schools I've never seen before.

Simmons: Is there any specific reason or reasons you are looking around?

Wiggins: There is no specific reason I am looking around…its just business.

Simmons: Georgia coaches know about you visiting and talking to other schools, what have they said to you about that?

Wiggins: The coaches do know I'm visiting other schools, and they ask every now and then and say am I doing alright and just checks on me to see am I a true Dawg.

Simmons: How hard are you currently recruiting for Georgia? You are know by the fans as Georgia's leading recruiter when it comes to commitments, does the fact that you are looking at other schools affect how you recruit?

Wiggins: Me looking at other schools doesn't affect recruiting for Georgia at all. Like I said: It's a business at the end of the day.

Simmons: What is it that draws you to Georgia? What are the main things that led you to commit to them and that still have you committed to them at this time?

Wiggins: Things that draw me to Georgia are the people. Players such as Damien Swann, Malcolm Mitchell, Jay Rome and Jarvis Jones. The coaching staff, the depth chart, it's winning seasons, and the it's a good comfortable environment. Also education was a big part because I plan on being a future broadcaster or a similar job that you guys have or a recruiting coordinator.

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