Holding It Down

ATHENS – One of the most critical positions in scoring points will have a change for the first time in four years.

Drew Bulter will no longer be holding it down (sorry) for the Bulldogs on extra point and field goal attempts. And just who will replace him is up in the air, according to coach Mark Richt.

"Our holder is still a mystery," Richt said earlier this summer.

Butler, Blair Walsh and Ty Frix formed the Bulldogs' trio on one of the most important, but perhaps least thought about actions in the program. Frix returns and incoming freshman Marshall Morgan is expected to be the placekicker, but Richt said he'd like to see the Bulldogs find a holder amongst special teamers – specifically at punter.

"It's nice to have your punter as your holder because they can hang around all day," he said. "If your punter is your holder then you snapper, punter and kicker can go off and work on that all day long if they want to."

The Bulldogs signed former Cartersville punter Collin Barber in February, and Richt admits a position player would struggled to find the time to work on holding.

"If your holder is a backup quarterback, a receiver or whoever is trying to practice all day then you don't have time to work extra on your field goal and extra point," he added.

Richt said he expects his special teamers to figure out who will be holding this summer on their own.

"That will be nailed down during the summer, I am sure," he said. "They will do that on their own, and we will encourage them to try to find someone within their special teams ranks."

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