Crowell Now a Cautionary Tale

ATHENS – Perhaps the most anticipated and most needed recruit of the Mark Richt era is gone for good.

Isaiah Crowell was arrested Friday morning on weapons charges – but why? What does Isaiah Crowell need a gun for in Athens, Georgia?

As far as Mark Richt (and Greg McGarity for that matter) is concerned the why did not matter any more. Richt, who suspended Crowell twice last season before the former five-star player was arrested on felony charges, has dismissed Crowell from the team – doing so in a statement Friday afternoon.

Richt told a TV reporter in October that he sat Crowell out of the first quarter of the Vanderbilt game "because I love him". It seems clear that Richt's love cannot get through to Crowell, who had all the talent in the world, but was unable to control himself enough off the field in order to use his spectacular talents on the field.

Georgia fans quickly soured on Crowell – booing him as he left the field hurt in the SEC Championship against LSU. It seemed very unfair to Crowell for them to boo him while he was injured – perhaps the Red and Black partisans knew something wasn't quite right.

Now Georgia's running back situation, which seemed very strong yesterday, seems unproven in a big way today.

But Crowell's poor decision making can be blamed on no one but himself. The mysterious Columbus native captured the imagination of the Bulldog Nation at a time when he was seen as a necessary commodity - the necessary commodity. He was a glimmer of hope for Georgia in its darkest time in the winter of 2011.

Now he is the latest cautionary tale, which is amazingly sad.

If anyone would have told you fellow Columbus native Jasper Sanks would have been the more successful of the two running backs would you have believed them?

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