Dawg Post Era #10 - Max Jean-Gilles

Dawg Post is celebrating ten year of its magazine this week. Fletcher Page counts down the ten top players of the last ten years - today #10 - Max Jean-Gilles.

10. Max Jean-Gilles
Offensive Lineman
Miami, FL

There is no question – Max Jean-Gilles had the biggest head of any player to ever play at Georgia.

To see images of Max Jean-Gilles through the years click above. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

The son of immigrants from Haiti, he was such a large man that there weren't any helmets that fit him when he first arrived in Athens.

For a man well over 300 pounds Jean-Gilles was surprisingly athletic and agile. He was named an All-American for his efforts in the 2005 season.

Concerns over his weight hurt his draft stock. The Eagles took him in the fourth round. He would later become the first NFL player to undergo a procedure called lap-band surgery to help reduce his weight, which helped keep him in the league longer.

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