Floyd Headed for Athens Thursday

One Georgia signee seems to have gotten good news over the weekend.

Leonard Floyd will likely play football this fall at Georgia.

"That is my understanding," Dodge County Coach Rex Hood said Saturday. "We had not heard from the (NCAA) Clearinghouse before I left town on Thursday."

Hood said he'd not heard from the Clearinghouse himself, but said that Floyd is expected in Athens on Thursday.

"I think he's got to be there by July 5th," Hood said.

"What they told us he needed to do he has done. I am out of town, but I know we sent the transcripts. You have a set thing you have to do, and he knew what that was - he was able to achieve that."

Floyd is the final holdout the Bulldogs had with their class of 2012. Multiple outlets have reported that fellow signee John Atkins has not qualified.

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