Who's Solid, Who's Still Looking?

Georgia has 19 commitments with seven months to go until Signing Day and Dawg Post checked in with those guys to see exactly where they stand. Who is solid, who may still take visits? Find out here.

  • Aulden Bynum: "I like the tradition at UGA, the silver britches, the dawg walk, the battle hymn, the multiple SEC titles, and the few (not for long) national titles. I also like the way Coach Richt runs the program and my commitment is 100-percent."

  • Josh Cardiello: "I really like how close everyone is at Georgia and I like all of the coaches too. I really think Coach Friend is going to bring my game to the next level. I am 100-percent committed to Georgia."

  • Reggie Carter: "My commitment to Georgia is very strong and I feel like I am home when I am at Georgia. I love the coaches and the facilities there."

  • Reggie Davis: "I would say my commitment to Georgia is pretty strong right now, but I still have to look into it though. I like the coaches and the facilities there."

  • J.J. Green: "I really like the campus and how it feels there on game-days, but I like the people there the most. My commitment is very strong."

  • DeAndre Johnson: "I am not taking any other visits to anywhere else and my commitment to Georgia is very strong. The main reason that I chose Georgia is because of the atmosphere there. I also wanted to play for Coach Richt, he is a great coach that wins year after year."

  • Rico Johnson: "I love all of the coaches and I think Georgia is great on and off the field. I love the tradition there and it feels awesome to know I will be attending a school I am very proud to be a part of. There is no other school in the country that could make me think about de-committing. I am 100-percent Dawg!"

  • Brandon Kublanow: "What is not to love about the UGA, the town, and the fans? Everything is amazing. I have a great relationship with the coaches and Coach Richt and Coach Friend are like father-figures to me. I feel the program is sky-rocketing too. We are going to win a national championship, we are like a brotherhood. I am 100-percent committed to UGA."

  • Uriah LeMay: "I like everything about UGA - For me, it's just a perfect fit with the roster, coaches, teammates (including my brother Christian LeMay as the QB), academics (my planned major (psychology/sports broadcasting), and the fans among many other things. Mostly I like my position coach (Tony Ball), that was the first thing that sold me out for Georgia along with the sincerity and true care of the players portrayed by Coach Richt. I haven't seen anything that could match up with all that Georgia has to offer me there and don't think there is much that could change my mind at this point."

  • Tray Matthews: "I am still very committed to Georgia and what I like most about them is, they way they treat their players and how it seems like we are already a big family. I also like how their starting safeties are going into the draft, so I could possibly come in and start. It is a great opportunity for me there."

  • Naim Mustafaa: "I like the whole atmosphere up there in Athens and that is what I like most about UGA. It took a lot for me to make my decision, so I doubt I will be making a change."

  • Steven Nelson: "I like Georgia because it is home and they play in the SEC. My commitment is pretty solid right now, but I am going to visit some other schools. Oregon State, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are the schools I am thinking about visiting. I would like to play both positions at UGA like Brandon Boykin - I am kind of keeping my options open right now, but I would say I am 99-percent committed to UGA."

  • Johnny O'Neal: "What I like most about Georgia is the way they make me feel like family whenever I go up there for a visit. My commitment is very strong to Georgia."

  • Brice Ramsey: "I am very solid to Georgia and there will be no flipping. I believe that once you make a commitment, you should stand by your word unless something drastic happens within the university itself. I want to be a Bulldog as well as play for Coach Bobo. My interaction with the UGA staff started in seventh grade with my parents sending me up to the campus for a camp. I started that week building relationships with the staff. I love the campus, I love the family atmosphere, and my parents trust the staff there. It's also the in-state school and they were first to offer, that means a lot."

  • Ryne Rankin: "Over my recruitment I have done many researches on schools to weed out the ones that didn't fit me and I finally came to the decision that Georgia was the best. UGA it was for me. The atmosphere just welcomed me the moment I arrived into Athens. I always wanted to play high school football is a small football town and when I got to Athens, I thought it would be more magnificent if I could play college ball in a small college town that is passionate about their Dawgs. I fell in love with the student life, the coaches, the facilities, and all of that when I visited. I bleed red, black, and white - I am a Dawg! What better place is there to be?

  • Tramel Terry: "UGA is like one big family man, I just feel great around the guys and the coaches there. I haven't thought about another school since I committed to Georgia and I feel very good about my decision. I talk to Coach [Tony] Ball and Coach [Mark] Richt a lot and I am close with so many commitments too. I just talked to new commit Rico Johnson for the first time and I am always talking to Brice Ramsey, Shaquille Wiggins, and so many others. We are one big family."

  • Shaquille Wiggins: "I am 100 percent committed to Georgia and I like how the fans at UGA are loyal."

  • Reggie Wilkerson: "I love toe chemistry of the players at UGA and the way they always treat me like family. Me, Tramel Terry, and Shaquille Wiggins are like brothers and I can honestly say my commitment to Georgia is 100-percent."

    Junior College DL Chris Mayes was the only commitment no available for comment at this time this story was published.

    Chad Simmons contributed to this feature.

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