Slive Looks Back on Success of SEC

BIRMINGHAM - SEC Commissioner Mike Slive indicated his willingness to stay at the helm of college sport's most powerful conference.

"As long as I feel in like I am making a contribution, and more importantly that our presidents have felt like I am making a contraction, I want to stay," he said.

Slive's contract has been extended, but he didn't say for how long. The Associated Press first reported the story Monday.

While speaking with reporters at SEC Media Days Slive took a look back at some of the accomplishments the SEC has had under his watch.

Here are a few quotes from Slive Tuesday:

"The reality is we have really paid attention to things off the field as well as on the field. This may well be the golden age of the SEC competitively. And those two things go hand in hand."

"There is a different feeling in the air - we are 14 now… not 12."

"Some of the things that are coming we can anticipate; some we can not."

"I can't speak for anyone else, but expansion wasn't on our agenda last year… it is not this year."

"We spent a lot of time (talking about the divisions), but I think that's where we are. To say it will never change is inappropriate."

"Several years ago I think there was a sense that TV revenue plateaued… that turned out not to be the case. I hope that's not the case in the future."

"I will be curious to see how Missouri and Texas A&M do, but I am neutral."

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