2012 Media Days: Tavarres King in HD

HOOVER, Ala. - Watch Tavarres King meet with the media in high definition.

Q: What do you expect for your game against Missouri?

A: "It's gonna be a high energy and high tempo game. It's marked on our calendars for sure. I'm looking forward to a fight."

Q: How is your relationship with Aaron Murray?

A: "Me and Aaron decided we were gonna stay together all year long. When everyone went home, we stayed in Athens and really connected...on and off the field. He's one of my best friends and we worked our butts off every day. We grinded just to get the chemistry down."

Q: What will you be looking to improve upon this season?

A: "I feel like as a receiver my job is to be consistent for Aaron. To be precise and be where I am supposed to be. If we all do that we can be an effective group."

Q: How have the recent headlines affected the team?

A: "It's been pretty tough and it's unfortunate these things happen. We make due and we have to just roll with the punches-just stay positive and win."

Q: What is your favorite part about playing for Georgia?

A: "I came to Georgia because of the coaches-it's a family. I have 105 brothers. The coaches are like father figures. The best thing is that we're a tight knit family and we love each other."

Q: What do you think about Coach Richt's discipline policy?

A: "He's a man of character. When guys mess up they should be punished. When you mess up in your house at home you get in trouble. When guys mess up something should be done. The fact that he has discipline shows a lot."

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