2012 Media Days: Abry Jones Quotes

HOOVER, Ala.- Abry Jones meets with the media at SEC Media Days

Q: What are your expectations heading to Missouri for the first SEC game?

A: "I believe that game is gonna be exciting for players and fans. Being the first SEC game there's a lot of pressure to get our first win. I know they'll be pumped and be ready to prove something and make statement. They have a good advantage being at home-it's gonna be a good show."

Q: What do you know about Missouri?

A: "I know a few things about them… I think they've had a few good years. They've had great players go through there so I know they have a great group of guys."

Q: Many people think the competition in the SEC West is better than the East. What do you think about that?

A: "I think SEC East dominance is coming soon. We got to the championship last year but didn't finish it. Competition is getting better in the East so hopefully we'll be back on top."

Q: What are you guys telling each other to stay focused despite what's been happening in the offseason?

A: "Teammates may leave but the goal is still the same."

Q: Why do you think so many players have been getting into trouble lately?

A: "They're just not thinking. I mean we have great coaches who tell us the rights and wrongs. Us seniors try to help the young guy's. The freshmen come in with a sense of freedom so they try and test it, and end up getting in trouble."

Q: How good do you think the defense will be this year?

A: "The sky is the limit. We have a lot of guy's who have been in the system so we have good communication between each other. When we get everyone back we'll get it rolling again."

Q: What do you think about Jarvis Jones?

A: "He brings a big impact because of his pass rush ability. With them focusing on him it can really open things up for other guys."

Q: What are your expectations for this season?

A: "Our expectations are the same as every year-working to get to the national championship."

Q: Do you think the team will be vulnerable because of what happened in the offseason?

A: "I don't believe so. People get in trouble but we have young guys coming in with great confidence. Being a senior I have great confidence in them to bring their best."

Q: How has Aaron been as a leader?

A: "Aaron is a great leader for the offense. I think he will bring the team together. He does a great job of getting first downs if he has to run. We have great expectations-I hope he leads us far this year."

Q: With all of the schedule changes, how important is it that you will still play Auburn?

A: "I think it's really important because it ‘s a big rivalry. Taking that game away would take something away from college football, so I'm glad we get to keep the tradition alive."

Q: How has it been having Grantham as a coach?

A: "Grantham's attitude is what's needed for a defensive coach. He brings the energy and gets us pumped up before games."

Q: What is the best part about playing for Georgia?

A: "The fans because they'll always love you. We have issues outside of football but they come back and support us. We just try to give them the best we can."

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