2012 Media Days: Mark Richt in HD

HOOVER, Ala. - Watch Mark Richt meet with the media in high definition.

Mark Richt

Q: How difficult was the offseason?

A: "Well…that's a good question. I think that we've got an awful lot of young men who are working their tails off and getting prepared. When things happen that you have to get involved and discipline guys, it's not fun. I care very much about every one of the guys, whether they're a walk on or starter. It's a sad time for that family, our team, and Georgia.

Q: What are you expecting from Missouri in your first SEC game?

A: "I'm expecting a lot of excitement and energy. I know the fans are going to be excited for that moment. We've got a lot to play for too-we know there's a lot on the line for us. I know it will be a great night for college football."

Q: Do you feel as though the SEC East gets overlooked?

A: "Bottom line is we don't know who's gonna do what this season. One thing we do know is someone's gonna win the East, someone's gonna win the West, and one will win it all. We just gotta make sure we're prepared for when we get there."

Q: How has Aaron Murray been progressing in the offseason?

A: "I think he has been outstanding. He showed up a very fine football player, person, and guy, who understands teamwork and preparation. He's gotten bigger and stronger and is throwing the ball better. He knows our system forward and backwards- hopefully he stays healthy and reaches his full potential."

Q: How is Jarvis Jones doing?

A: "He's been a tremendous pleader. When he transferred from USC he had to sit out-once he could practice he wanted to be on the scout team and help the offense get better. He just jumped in and started to work hard, with no ego about being on the scout team. This offseason when guys were deciding whether or not to go into the NFL, he showed leadership when he didn't even turn his papers in. He said he wasn't ready and that he needs to get better so he can do something special with his teammates. I think that spoke volumes about our football team and what they want to accomplish…nine out of the ten kids who turned in NFL papers stayed."

Q: What is your discipline policy?

A: "Just do the right thing, run a program where you're proud of it. Do things that you feel are in the best interest of the team and the student athlete. If you act like something hasn't happened or treat it lightly, then you can't help them change."

Q: What did you say to the team last season after starting 0-2?

A: "I said I was encouraged, and they sort of looked at me funny. I said that we needed to stay together and believe in each other. We can't point fingers and need to keep grinding. If we stay together, I believe we can win. Of course little by little we got there and that was great. I talked to them a lot about handling adversity in football and in life. Wouldn't it be a great model to understand what to do when ad hits. To stay positive and tog and never quit, I thought the guys did a great job of that and I was proud of them."

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