2012 Fall Camp Dirty Dozen Power Rankings 1.1

ATHENS – Dean Legge's player power rankings after one day of fall camp.

This feature, which will updated during the two-week period that is fall camp, will cover the top players in silver britches as well as the top freshman at the time. The rankings, quite frankly, will be made on what is seen, what is said, what is heard and insiders' opinion on which players are making the move towards the top of the charts.

Players' pervious rankings in parentheses.

2012 Fall Camp Dirty Dozen Power Rankings 1.0

12. Kenarious Gates (12) – Gates looked good today. He's going to anchor the offensive line at left tackle. You can tell the difference between players like Gates, who have been in the program for two years, and a true freshman like John Theus. Theus may project as a better player in the future, but when you look at guys like Gates its hard not to notice the physical difference in the two.

11. Cornelius Washington (11) – Washington looked good during individual drills. Sure seems like his move to the defensive line was a smart one. He's not nearly as big as other linemen, but he seems to be as physical as all of the other non-nose linemen besides Abry Jones. Jones looked good today, too.

10. Sanders Commings (9) – See what I have to say below about members of the secondary… it's hard to really notice them on days like today when the team is installing things. They pretty much just run around knowing what they are doing, but the ball it really never goes in the air so they can show their stuff.

9. John Jenkins (10) – Jenkins owned David Andrews two times in a row in a pass-blocking scheme… and no, not with the bull rush… with his hands. Andrews was only allowed to go twice, so he didn't get to work his magic (I was waiting for him to play dirty). Still, Jenkins is an important cog in this defense. That, and he didn't nearly die today like last year. That means he's in shape. Solid job by him.

8. Kolton Houston (8) – I'm almost tempted to move him up for showing the mental toughness he has over the last 2.5 years. You could see today why he's so very important to this team. He gives the offensive line, and therefore the offense, options. If Houston is at right tackle John Theus doesn't have to be. If Theus is not at right tackle he can rotate in at left tackle or right guard. When Theus is at left tackle Kenarious Gates can slide inside to a guard spot. It doesn't force Georgia to start a green player on the outside edge of its offensive line – that's huge. Houston had a tough day today, but he's been strong… he needs to be given credit for that. It is my belief, based on Ron Courson's statements, the medical data trends and Georgia's forceful PR machine today that Houston will play for the Bulldogs sometime soon. Good for him.

7. Shawn Williams (6) – Williams, like the rest of the secondary, pretty much run around doing drills. That makes it hard to know just how good of a day anyone in the secondary is having – particularly the safeties.

6. Tavarres King (7) – Sometimes guys who have more things to do – ie run routes and catch the ball – get your attention more when you are out there. King had a nice catch near the line of scrimmage at one point and sprinted to the sideline for a sizeable gain. He also had a fine catch during the QB-WR passing drills. King sure could be tough to deal with this fall. Georgia might be figuring it out on the offensive line, but its seems to start getting its ducks in a row at receiver.

5. Malcolm Mitchell (4) – Slightly down today because he seemed to work primarily with the second unit. Nothing wrong with the second unit, and Mitchell is the number five player on this list. But he drops one spot because he's playing defense only out there right now. He would be much higher if he was taking offensive snaps. It is day one… he's going to play offense, but he needs get the defense down completely.

4. Bacarri Rambo (5) – Moves up slightly in the Dirty Dozen because he's on the first team, and Malcolm Mitchell is not. Rambo is likely the top playmaking safety in the SEC and perhaps the nation. The secondary pretty much just installed today. There was some running. I am moving him up today pretty much because if Mitchell, who probably is a heck of a corner, is not on the first team and Rambo is.

3. Aaron Murray (3) – No interceptions that I saw. No mention of interceptions. The Richtbot has instructed his quarterback to "respect the ball." That certainly seemed to happen today.

2. Alec Ogletree (2) – Nothing changed for me today with Ogletree. No news yet on his suspension, but that will come sometime soon we expect. Worked, as usual, with the linebacker group on the east side of the practice fields. Quote of the day was Mike Bobo looking down that way and noticing something. "Look at the defense guys – they are practicing in the shade." It cracked Bobo up - he can be that way - but the offense didn't get much of a chuckle out of it as they were in the heat.

1. Jarvis Jones (1) – He's not going backwards. Top player; glides through drills; makes things look easy. Best player on the team. Understands how to take criticism. Star.

Top Freshman: Jordan Jenkins
Yesterday: John Theus

Theus moves down the list not because he's he was unstoppable in drills, but because John Theus was defeated in two straight pass-protection drill by John DeLoach. Is that the end of the world for Theus… no way. It means three things to me right off the bat: 1. Let's let John Theus grow without judging every step… he's going to get beat in practice (sort of talking to myself on that one); 2. Georgia does really need Kolton Houston to be ready to roll. He's been around the block, and throwing a true freshman… any true freshman in there... to start is asking a lot; 3. Maybe John DeLoach isn't an afterthought in this class; again it was one play. With all of that said, you can tell that Jordan Jenkins is going to be a big deal for Georgia – perhaps pretty soon. With Marc Weiszer's report in the ABH that Chase Vasser will be suspended the first two games of the season, perhaps Jenkins is the one who will slip into the starting spot. He's going to have to beat out T.J. Strilping and other outside linebackers, but you could see today that Todd Grantham was teaching him, working him and being patient with him today because the kid is going to play a lot. Theus and Jenkins will likely go back and forth in this section of the Dirty Dozen, but Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley also looked great today.

Other eye catchers: Abry Jones (no one ever talks about him – they should), Dallas Lee (Nothing overwhelming, but continues to do the work needed), John Theus (hard to miss), Marlon Brown, Quayvon Hicks (because of physicality), Zach DeBell (growth), Xzavier Ward (growth), Keith Marshall (speed) and Todd Gurley (seems like a very pure runner).

Freak of the day: Tie between long-time sports information guru Claude Felton for keeping the program on message for 2.5 years before slamming a 19-page document in the NCAA's face; Christian Robinson for getting his blonde mohawk on.

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