2012 Fall Camp Dirty Dozen Power Rankings 1.2

ATHENS – Dean Legge's player power rankings after day two of fall camp.

ATHENS – Dean Legge's player power rankings going into Georgia's 2012 fall camp. This feature, which will updated during the two-week period that is fall camp, will cover the top players in silver britches as well as the top freshman at the time. The rankings, quite frankly, will be made on what is seen, what is said, what is heard and insiders' opinion on which players are making the move towards the top of the charts.

12. Todd Gurley (NR) – Just looks like a player. He's not a ton better right now out there than the other guys, but he seems to catch my eye a lot. Ball is high and tight all the time. The thing about running backs is that you don't totally know what you've got until they put all of the pads on. But Gurley looks the part right now. The running back rotation "seems" to be this: (1) Ken Malcome, (2) Keith Marshall, (3) Todd Gurley and (4) Richard Samuel. The fullbacks seems to go: Ogletree, Dustin Royston and then Q. Hicks – harder to tell with the fullbacks.

"Todd is very smooth and athletic. He's a natural," Richt said today. "He will probably hit the wall soon, and we are not in pads."

11. All True Freshman (NR) – Richt said today that all true freshmen have a chance to play this fall… Why? Is it because the are not enough players on scholarship. No. Its because this was a pretty good class, but a class that addressed needs at spots Georgia needed to fill.

10. Sanders Commings (10) – See what I have to say below about members of the secondary… it's hard to really notice them on early days like today when the team is installing . They pretty much just run around knowing what they are doing, but the ball it really never goes in the air so they can show their stuff.

9. John Jenkins (9) – Jenkins is still the cog that makes the 3-4 go. Poor David Andrews and company.

8. Kolton Houston (8) – Still looks good; Very good chest; good pad level; moves well in kick out run blocking. Georgia needs him to play this fall.

7. Shawn Williams (7) – Physical. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt for one reason or another (I will move him up in these rankings if he busts out a sweatshirt under pads in a few days).

Richt said Friday: "Shawn's the type of guy who wants to play 100 snaps for us."

6. Tavarres King (6) – In my view clearly the best receiver on the roster. Georgia has a good mixture of body types at receiver, but King is the home run hitter they have always used in their offense. Expect him to continue to go down field while the likes of Brown, Wooten, Conley and Bennett work their magic closer to the line of scrimmage. King has been working… and you can tell.

5. Malcolm Mitchell (5) – Didn't really notice Mitchell today, but, again, the secondary is on the field furthest from everyone. They were running around like they knew what they were doing… I will take their word for it.

4. Bacarri Rambo (4) – Nearly a head shorter than newcomer Josh Harvey-Clemons, Rambo does seem to work when he's out there. Richt was watching the secondary during an interception drill – pointing out that they need to take off after an interception… or they could just throw in the tape of when Rambo does it to show them.

3. Aaron Murray (3) – Dealing with the heat is nothing new for Murray. We will know a bit more about him as the team moves into more competitive situations i.e. scrimmages and such. At this moment there is little reason to gawk at the signal callers. But if you are interested the depth chart does go by order of seniority on the team. Murray, Mason, LeMay and Bouta. (I wonder where Parker Welch really is on that depth chart).

2. Alec Ogletree (2) – Big; moves well. Everyone is just waiting to see if/how long he will be out for at the start of the season. Wonder how good he is? Watch him yank a ball out of the air with one claw during an interception drill. Things just come easy to him.

1. Jarvis Jones (1) – Now it seems like he's going to take Jordan Jenkins under his wing to make him a clone. Not good for opposing offenses in the future. That group of outside linebackers is impressive to look at. Everyone is long and big… a good combination for this defense.

Top Freshman: Jordan Jenkins
Yesterday: Jordan Jenkins Going to stick with Jenkins for the time being here, but Todd Gurley is moving up my mental charts with the way he looks. You have to keep in mind that the media can only see so much of practice, so the information I give is biased on only about a 30 minute time period. But Gurley looks good.

Jenkins, on the other hand, clearly has the physical attribute now to play in the SEC. It sure seems like he's going to be Jarvis Jones' backup, but I wonder if Georgia will move him to the opposite side while Chase Vasser sits out. Keep your eyes on Gurley.

"Jordan looks really good; Josh Dawson does, too… actually DeLoach does, too," Richt Friday after practice.

"I keep hearing the coaches talk about the explosive nature of the defensive freshmen," Richt said. "I don't see a lot of messing around with the freshmen.

Other eye catchers: Watching some of the kickers and punters getting their wiffle ball on in Georgia's indoor meeting space while everyone else was outside. Here's a tip guys: throw the knuckler… it's impossible to hit with a wiffle ball bat… IMPOSSIBLE.

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