2012 Fall Camp Dirty Dozen Power Rankings 1.3

ATHENS – Dean Legge's player power rankings after four days of Georgia's 2012 fall camp.

This feature, which will updated during the two-week period that is fall camp, will cover the top players in silver britches as well as the top freshman at the time. The rankings, quite frankly, will be made on what is seen, what is said, what is heard and insiders' opinion on which players are making the move towards the top of the charts.

12. Todd Gurley (12) – Continues to learn what it is going to take to play running back at Georgia and in the SEC. Gurley is the number three running back right now, but Georgia is four days into camp. We will know better what the Bulldogs are working with in Gurley and the other backs on Wednesday with the first scrimmage. Right now Gurley is high on my radar.

"I've trained myself to not look at ratings and rankings, but when you looked at (Gurley's) film, and you went and watched him play," Bryan McClendon said. "You said: ‘This is one of the best (running backs) out there.'"

11. Branden Smith (NR) – "I was tested. I'm clean. I don't do drugs." Take that haters. B Smith is back, and gets into the Dirty Dozen as a result. He was supposed to only be out one game, but he's back for all of the games now. That gives the Dawgs a bit more diversity on offense and provides another option to start at cornerback. Smith is one of the fastest players in the SEC. His addition only helps Georgia.

10. David Andrews (NR) – You win some, and you lose some when you are the alleged "undersized" center. But Andrews seems to be winning more of late. A draw with John Jenkins in one-on-one drills where the defense is at a major advantage is a huge thing for Andrews. He's the starting center now – he's not going to give that up.

9. Sanders Commings (10) – Isn't being talked about a ton. That will change on Wednesday with the scrimmage.

8. Kolton Houston (8) – Very good chest; good pad level; moves well in kick out run blocking. Georgia needs him to play this fall. He missed the weekend, however, with two unknown, excused absences from practice.

7. Shawn Williams (7) – Great article by Marc Weiszer in the Athens Banner-Herald about Williams – the forgotten safety. Richt said on Saturday that Williams was going to make someone in the NFL very happy for a long time. He then followed up my Dirty Dozen comparison to Greg Blue from earlier in the week by saying that Williams was a lot like Blue, but just shorter.

Richt said Saturday: "He will have a tremendous year, and I think he'll play professional football for a long time."

6. Tavarres King (6) – The best receiver in camp right now. I am curious to see what happens on Wednesday when the Dawgs scrimmage. Can TK get open against the number two defense? He should be able to.

5. Malcolm Mitchell (5) – Richt said Saturday Mitchell will start working with the offense "about ten days to a week out of the first game." The addition of Branden Smith to the defense for the first game has to make the Bulldogs feel a bit more at ease about Mitchell playing a few snaps on offense. Mitchell is on the cover of this month's Dawg Post the Magazine – with good reason. He's a heck of a weapon.

4. Bacarri Rambo (4) – It will be interesting to see what happens with Rambo and Ogletree in terms of penalties or suspensions. Branden Smith's non-suspension has to give the Bulldog faithful hope that the duo will likely be suspended on the shorter end of the two to four games. But one thing might not necessarily effect the next. When will Richt announce what's happening with Rambo? Good question.

3. Aaron Murray (3) – It really is the time of year where starters and stars are not focused on. But Murray is a key to this season for the Bulldogs. Mike Bobo went through a slew of technical things after saying: "Aaron has been awesome." That's pretty much all you need to know. The Richtbot wouldn't not be pleased with disrespect of the football. Wednesday is a big day in these rankings. Murray could move up or down… depends on the Richtbot's fake stats (He calls them unofficial. I call them fake - #ClaudeFather) after the scrimmage.

2. Alec Ogletree (2) – He may kill a scout team running back in the scrimmage. You've been warned Brandon Harton.

1. Jarvis Jones (1) – "That's probably why Jarivs had 13 sacks last year," was Todd Grantham's response to a question about Jarvis last season. Best player on the team.

Top Freshman: James DeLoach
Yesterday: Jordan Jenkins

He's not the best freshman, but he needs some love. He was the forgotten about player in the Jenkins County duo, but Grantham said Sunday that DeLoach would likely play this season. That's unlikely for John Taylor because of depth at nose. DeLoach can "set the edge" for the Dawgs – in other words dictate to the offense at times.

John Theus seems to be getting better – no surprise. He lined up at right tackle on Sunday in place of an absent Kolton Houston. Expect to hear more good things about Theus, Jordan Jenkins, Josh Harvey-Clemmons, Gurley and others. Grantham said Sunday he expected to play freshmen "in order to win now."

I'm curious to see/hear about the new kickers… nothing has happened there so far.

Other eye catchers: Will Friend was eager to end interviews Sunday.

"I've got a sandwich waiting on me," he said.

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