Richt on Day 5 of Fall Camp; w/ HD Video

ATHENS- Mark Richt spoke with the media following the fifth day of fall camp.

"Okay so this is day five of our acclimation. We start two-a-days tomorrow. I think our effort so far has been outstanding. I think we need to make more improvements in the penalty standpoint, but our ball security has been outstanding. We've had some fumbles on quarterback exchange, which you don't want to see, but ball security has been good, and the effort has been outstanding. Our effort to this point on the special team has been outstanding. I see guys who are eager to be on that team. It is early, but we did tackle to the ground for the first time today. In our three-on-three game our offense won. It came down to the last snap of the drill and Richard Samuel scored a touchdown- it was just that close. Wednesday we will scrimmage for the first time."

Q: What compelled you to start handing out an injury report sheet to the media after practices?

A: "I don't know. It wasn't my idea. I think it is just to give you exactly what we want to give you. If you want to ask how it affects the depth chart you can. But you know, I think in football injury reports are important. You have family members that you want to consider when you throw stuff out there, but it's something that we planned in the offseason."

Q: Is Ray Drew the kind of guy who will work in camp with a new position?

A: "Yes he is. In the spring he got a bit, but he needs reps no doubt. Even the veterans need reps to get to where they need to be. Once a guy starts to miss practice it sort of takes a toll on that position group. There are a lot more offensive players than defensive players on our roster right now."

Q: Samuel said last week he would probably prefer fullback. What do you see for him?

A: "I sat down with him the other day and I told him that he has to know both. We need him to be ready at either spot. I told him that continuing to get reps at tailback would not stop him from being starting fullback. The beauty of him playing those positions is that he is in the meeting room with both tailbacks and fullbacks, so he can listen to both. He's in good enough condition to get reps at both."

Q: Why don't more teams have players who play on both sides of the ball?

A: "Most colleges have offenses meet while the defenses are meeting, but when you're trying to learn what to do you can't be in both places at the same time. Just like with Malcom Mitchell, he has the knowledge to play both, but it is how much volume a guy can take on a certain day. Malcom is going strictly defense until we feel it is time to give him a taste of offense."

Q: Have you gotten to see any of the freshmen kickers?

A: "We've done some kicking along the way, but we've already seem them a little bit. From what I see Colin Barber is how I thought he was. He has tremendous hang time, and can also kick with distance. Even his kicks that aren't just right, he gets plenty of hang time to get our players underneath. Getting used to punting behind the shield is a bit different. We haven't done a lot with Marshall kicking off, but we have done some extra point field goals. He's very strong and he doesn't have to give a lot of effort to make the short range kicks."

That's a nice beard you have…

A: "I like to grow it out. I was gonna take it all off this morning but I decided to keep a little bit and see what happens."

Q: How is the receiving core?

A: "I think Rantavious Wooten, Marlon Brown, Tavarres King, Justin Scott-Wesley, Chris Conley, Michael Bennett, and every scholarship receiver can function and make plays. They all have their different levels of skill, but I think we have a good bunch. We have some walk ons who know what to do also. I've seen that Blake Tibbs has good ball skills, and I told him that I think he can help us this year if he is reliable and has ball security. Kenny Towns has ability, and I think he can be an outstanding walk on for us. He isn't ready right now, but I think we did really well with him. Rhett McGowan and Taylor Bradberry, those kind of guys have been around and they know what to do."

Q: Any big hits today?

A: "Oh yeah, we had some pretty big licks. Some of them are in the backfield when a guy misses an assignment. The guys making the most direct hits are Tree, Shawn, and Rambo. Corey Moore also likes to hit."

Q: It looks like Arthur Lynch has lost some weight?

A: "We wanted him to trim down. He's been close to 280-pounds. He still weighs about 255-pounds and he is just in better condition."

Q: How has Ty Frix been looking?

A: "He has done well, and has a decent feel for how to run the routes. He has made some nice grabs, and he plays very fast. He isn't afraid to stick his nose in there. We had Preston Mobley, Xzavier Ward and Ty all lined up, a bunch of South Georgia guys who are going to be good. Xzavier has gotten a lot more reps than I thought he would, but I really like him. I don't know what will happen this season, but so far I think he has a lot of ability."

Q: It seems like you have been moving the line around?

A: "We put Watts at right guard and then David Andrews. I think David is doing well. I think he is a very good football player. He's very tough and he's very strong. I'm a boss (David Andrews) fan."

Georgia's practice release:

ATHENS - The Georgia football team held its fifth practice of preseason camp on Monday, putting on full pads for the first time during a morning session that lasted approximately two hours.

"This was Day 5 of acclimation and we'll start two-a-days (Tuesday)," Georgia coach Mark Richt said. "My impression of the team is that I have no complaints at all about the effort. That part has been outstanding."

In Monday's 3-on-3 drill, the offense topped the defense 5-4. Senior Richard Samuel scored the touchdown that put the offense ahead.

Richt was asked about Samuel, who is working at both tailback and fullback during camp.

"We talked about it, and I told him we need him to be ready to play at either spot," Richt said. "Getting reps at tailback will not keep him from starting at fullback. When he's in the meeting room, he's involved with both. And he's in good enough condition to get reps at both."

Richt said the Bulldogs will have two practices on Tuesday -- a morning special teams session, followed by a workout in shorts and helmets in the afternoon. The Bulldogs will scrimmage for the first time on Wednesday.

Regarding special teams, Richt was asked about punter Collin Barber and kicker Marshall Morgan, both of whom are true freshmen.

"Collin has tremendous hang time or he can kick it for distance," Richt said. "He can kick it so that we can get gunners underneath and keep guys from getting going. Marshall, on extra points and field goals, can get the ball up very quickly. He's strong and he doesn't need a lot of effort to get the short- and mid-range kicks. He's very accurate."

Offensive guard Chris Burnette missed Monday's practice due to illness, while defensive back Marc Deas was sidelined with a hamstring strain, defensive end Ray Drew sat out due to a concussion and defensive end Abry Jones missed with a knee contusion.

Sixth-ranked Georgia will play host to Buffalo in the season opener Sept. 1 at 12:21 p.m., and the game will be televised live by the SEC Network.

The annual Fans Picture Day will be held Saturday, Aug. 18, in the Reed Plaza area of Sanford Stadium. Georgia football players will be on hand for photos and autographs from 3-5 p.m. between Gates 2 and 4. Richt will also be available from 3-5 p.m. for those with ticket coupons.

Tickets to the home football games against Buffalo and Florida Atlantic (Sept. 15) are on sale to the general public and can be purchased online at or by calling the UGA Athletic Association ticket office at 1-877-542-1231.

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