Dawg Post Chat Recap

ATHENS - A recap of the Dawg Post Chat; including talk about recruiting and freshmen.

ChadSimmons:I'll start with a couple of things... Tyren Jones - There is definitely something there... If his dad/parents visit UGA, watch out... I was told that could hapen within the next two weeks... I still get word that Tray Matthews and his family are strong commitments to UGA.

urt08: You guys think we're in better position for Adams than the recent writings suggest?
Dean_Legge:Good question on Adams. I am plannning on getting down there sometime soon. I think Georgia might still be OK, but its going to be a fight with Clemson IMO
ChadSimmons:UGA is right there IMO... I give Auburn and Clemson an edge now, but it could get even tighter as we close in on SD

xxxirishmanxxx: With the additions we have at OL including the new 6-7 BEAST... How do you see out line the next 3 years with who we have now and who we committed to date?
Dean_Legge:Long Answer: Theus at LT for a while; Andrews at Center for a while; Look for X. Ward to make a push at RT
Dean_Legge:Beyod that OL seems deep nearly everywhere
ChadSimmons:UGA still has some work to do there imo... I like the toughness they are going after right now personally... It takes that attitude to be successful up front. Their OL is going to get better though with Theus there, Brown entering, and so on David Andrews will be a favorite on here before it is over.. And that is not a guess.. I have known him and worked with him since 9th grade

Lakelanddawg1: Any update on Bostick?
ChadSimmons:Bostick could commit within the next 5-10 days I am told... Only a matter of time as of today

ChadSimmons:IMO, the next two commits could be Bostic and Shaq Fluker, two safetiesan eye on Bostick, Fluker, Griffin, and Kamara... Those guys could all make decisions in August

urt08: this Tunsil at 55% business seems way low. why so low? you think bama is a real player here?
ChadSimmons:urt - No doubt Bama is a player with Tunsil

Lakelanddawg1: Evaluate Matthews vs Bostick?
ChadSimmons:Matthews plays much more in control, he reads the QB better, and he has shown more range in the secondary... Bostick may be a little quicker to the ball, and he has size on Matthews too... He is a little longer

neo302: Is Keith Marshall favoring his knee during practice. I'm hoping he can have a decent impact.
Dean_Legge:On Marshall - You know I didn't think much of it at first, but he doesn't see overwhelmingly fast with the brace on. It might be a mental thing for me. Remember we can only see so much at each position. I like Gurley most this second…
HunkerDownDawgs: I'm not surprised that Gurley has looked great in practice (I always thought he and Marshall would complement one another really well), but I am surprised that KM has not stood out in practices so far as a future game changer.
Dean_Legge:Hunker I think we will know a fair amount more on the RBs after the scirmmage on Wed.
ChadSimmons:Marshall's acceleration is what jumped out to us when we saw Marshall and the way he glides and is so fluid without losing speed

HunkerDownDawgs: Do you think Kamara is a UGA lean at this point?
ChadSimmons:Kamara is torn imo... His heart may lean towards Bama, but his mind may lean towards UGA right now... I would be shocked if he chose someone outside of those two

Berlusconi: Chad, do you think UGA pushes hard to get back in it with Greg Bryant?
ChadSimmons:Berlusconi - On Bryant, UGA has to get him back on campus... I give Auburn a big edge for him right now. I see him and his teammate Roderick Johnson who just decommitted from UF leaning heavy towards AU

chaddawg77: How many times will they go 1 vs 1s Dean? typically speaking
Dean_Legge:Not much; in one-on-one drills a fair amount, but not in 11-on-11; at the scrimmage they will do some, but not much

cdawgie: dean, do you think Houston will pass his drug test in the next couple of weeks?
Dean_Legge:cdawgie - I can't say yes for sure, but the trend is heading in the direction that he will pass it... time will tell

Lakelanddawg1: Dean, Any of our WR all SEC potential?
Dean_Legge:Lakeland - Mark was pleased with the WRs today. I think TK is the only 1st team SEC possibility out there.

dean would houston start at RT if he gets clean or would he move inside to guard?
Dean_Legge:Fedor - my understanding is that he will stay at RT with Theus as his backup; Burnette at RG beside him. But they can roll Theus and Houston both at RT and RG if they need to

urt08: do you realistically think houston has any chance to play this year?
Dean_Legge:urt08 - Yes, I think it is realistic at this time

Lakelanddawg1: Have you seen theus play? Thoughts?
Dean_Legge:Lakeland - Theus seems a big small to me out there. But Georgai's OL and DL are HUGE. HUGE. He's going to need a bit of time. I don't have any doubts about his talent and potential
I heard or read that Theus was willing to play RT and let Tunsil have LT
Dean_Legge:Lakeland - I think Georgia would be fine with that, too

Berlusconi: Dean, what's up with Houston dropping down to 280? Can he really compete at that weight?
Dean_Legge:Berlusni - Not sure on his weight... but he looks the part right now - Houston that is

FedorDawg: Dean-How is Corey Moore doing and are you hearing anythign on Tree and Rambo suspensions?
Dean_Legge:Fedor - Nothing new on the suspensions. I am thinking more like two games than four, but that's me talking - not reporting. Corey Moore likes to hit. Connor Norman knows the defense left and right
1dsgadawg: dean...let's be honest...Conner Norman = Great Kid who nows Defense in and out...but that doesn't mean he iS SEC caliber does it
Dean_Legge:1dsgadawg - No, Connor is not what you think of when you think of an SEC safety. But when your SEC safety is out he's not horrible to have back there.

Berlusconi: Chad, did UF get a sleepr in Jackson from Colquitt? ChadSimmons: Berls - Jackson could be good... He has a ways to go, but they know that... He has played OL for a year, he has gained about 50 pounds over the past 6-9 months, and he still has a lot to learn... He was at Dawg Night and he was OK

HunkerDownDawgs: With Smith not being suspended, do you see Mitchell playing more offense or defense this season? Also, when do you think that transition back to offense takes place (assuming it will)?
Dean_Legge:Hunker - Richt said Saturday Mitchell will start some offense ten days before the first game. I think B. Smith's return means more offense for B. Smith at the start of the season... may or may not effect Mitchell. The good news is that they are both available from here on out barring injury. And that means options. I say Mitchell really gets back to offense around the Vandy and Tennessee game

FedorDawg: Dean-Will all 3 of the frosh LBs play?
Dean_Legge:Fedor - to hear Todd talk... Yes they will all play. They love them. Love them.

urt08: any way zach, Xavier, austin get meaningful minutes? How is Austin moving?
Dean_Legge:urt08 - everyone is pulling for Austin. But he's got guys in front of him. I'm not sure any of the guys you mentioned will give minutes at big times

Lakelanddawg1:Where do you all see J.J. Green playing at UGA?
Dean_Legge:Lakeland - On special teams.

HunkerDownDawgs: I know Friend said the competitive fire seems to have come alive in Watts Dantzerl, but do you think he is better suited for G or OT? Also, if Theus and Houston are better options at RZT, how would Watts fit into the current pecking order at guard?
Dean_Legge:Hhunker - I would have thought Watts would have been a tackle, but he seems to be a OG for sure at this time. Watts would have to fight his way to a OG spot on one of the sides

Cpackdawg: Dean, who has been 3 or 4 most impressive/surprising to you so far at practice (set up question)…
Dean_Legge:Cpack - I got Andrews, Jordan Jenkins; TK and DeLoach
HunkerDownDawgs: Watts is such a big guy that if he has the feet to play RT but buried on the depth chart, I was hoping that his size and feet would make him a dominant OG. What makes the other OG's better than him (strength, knowledge of what to do at OG, etc)?
Dean_Legge:Hunker - the others have experience on him

HunkerDownDawgs: Which position is our biggest weakness this year?
Dean_Legge:Hunker - maybe fullback

jweng: Staff - Which RB leads UGA in yards and TDs in 2013? Does one guy emerge as the primary, workhorse as the season progresses?
Dean_Legge:jweng - 2013? Gurley

jweng: Chad, rate the following DE prospects (Woods, Johnson, Griffin)? Do we take all three of those guys if they want to come and still go all out for Adams?
ChadSimmons: jweng - Johnson, Woods, Griffin... I like Griffin most inside... Could play some 5-technique, but he will eventually move inside imo

xxxirishmanxxx: Staff - Does Murray stay for year 4?
Dean_Legge:Irish - He is planning to do so academically. Told me today that he's not focusing on that decision. I think it is 50/50

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