Q+A: Watts Dantzler

ATHENS - Watts Dantzler talked about his newfound confidence coming into fall camp.

Q: How has it been battling with John Theus all camp?

A: "It's been good, you know John's a good player and he's worked hard this summer. I think for him he still has to learn some of the playbook, so I am trying to help and get him prepared this year. I think the faster he can learn the better. We're both going in and battling hard, Coach is pushing us and he's been rotating us trying to find the best five that work well together."

Q: Have you lost weight since Spring?

A: "Spring I was about 330 pounds and then I got up to about 335 in May. I then dropped about 30 pounds this summer so I'm at 313. During May I lived with Boss and we were eating a lot, and I got bigger, so I wanted to get more agile and light for the season. Hopefully I'll gain weight for the season if I'm not heavy enough, but so far I feel light and agile. I can run pretty well and stuff so I think it's gone well so far."

Q: Coach Richt noted that you seem to be pretty confident during this fall camp. What do you think?

A: "This year I definitely have a lot more confidence. This time last year, the playbook was a lot, and it's tough when you're trying to block Jarvis. It's hard to know the play when you have Jarvis in front of you, and a freshman next to you, but this year it's great. I studied the playbook a lot this summer and worked hard in the film room to get ready. This year me and Chris are working really well together. I'm more confident so it's easier to go full speed on the play when you aren't nervous about which way to go."

Q: Which position is the hardest to play?

A: "I think that either offensive line or defensive line are the hardest, and I think every position is hard when you're a freshman. The coaches did a good last year preparing us but it's just a lot. They're doing good this year preparing John, and the freshmen are working hard learning as much as they can."

Q: When did you realize that you kind of figured out everything that's going on?

A: "Probably last year about week six or seven it kind of clicked. Back in high school I knew everything to do. Last year it was a lot with all of the different terms and stuff. This year spring was good and coming into this summer I studied film and got very confident with my calls. Chris is awesome, he knows a lot so being beside him has really helped, and we definitely know what to do 95 percent of the time."

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