Q+A: David Andrews

ATHENS - David Andrews talks about his battle towards being the starting center.

Q: Do you feel like you're fighting for the number one center position?

A: "Yeah my dad has taught me that nothing is ever given to you in life. I could start, and then if I'm not putting in the work I could lose my position. Every day you have to go out there and earn your keep and just keep improving."

Q: How tough is it going up against John every day?

A: "It's tough, but it just makes you that much better. They're aren't many guys that big in college football, and if they are you're ready for them. I think it gives us an advantage as an offensive line."

Q: Would you rather have a guy head-up on you, or not?

A: "I think it depends. I think I like having a guy head-up because sometimes I think I'm better that way. Against our defense that's what I'm facing so that's what I'm used to. It kind of depends on the play I guess too."

Q: How tough has the Kolton situation been?

A: "It's been tough but we've all stuck behind him. I haven't been keeping up with the media, but we are all behind him 100 percent. We're a family here and this is the best program in the country."

Q: How tough has it been for him?

A: "You're gonna have to ask Kolton on that. He's always done a good job with not letting anything get to him though."

Q: Do you think Coach Friend feels like he has a bunch now that is relatively deep?

A: "Yeah, I mean we have a bunch of freshmen in there, but I think we have a lot more depth this fall camp than we did last year. We're still trying to figure out things and get people in set positions, but I think it is going to turn out good."

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