Q+A: Connor Norman

ATHENS - Connor Norman talks about his goal to be a dependable player.

Q: What have these last two and a half years been like?

A: "It's definitely been a process. From going to the scout team to then having to learn the game plan you have to switch your mindset. First year I didn't have to worry about being on the field, but now I have to prepare each week and learn the game plan to the fullest."

Q: How much do you think they'll depend on you?

A: "Oh man I don't know. I'm just honestly trying to learn it all. Hopefully they feel like they can trust me on the field. My goal is just to learn every position to the fullest so if they need me anywhere they can put me there."

Q: What does it take to put your body on the line every day?

A: "Well growing up my dad always told me to have wreck less abandon with all other disregard to human safety, so that's what I've lived by. Especially playing on special teams you have to have those guys who are willing to sacrifice their body. It hurts but it's all worth it because you're out on the field. You can't play with wreck less abandon on the secondary though. You have to kind of take a deep breath before the play and keep a level head before the ball is snapped."

Q: Have you worked with Shawn a lot, or mainly Corey?

A: "Mainly me and Corey but we've moved around a lot. There's no telling what the coaches are going to do for the rest of camp, honestly they could put anyone anywhere.

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