Mark Richt on Day 7 of Fall Camp; w/ Video

ATHENS - Mark Richt spoke with the media following the team's first scrimmage.

Q: How was Todd Gurley today?

A: "I think that he ran the ball well and he had some good space provided for him. Marshall had a great three-yard run that doesn't impress anyone unless they saw it. It wasn't bad. Overall the number one units played really well. The number one offense scored touchdowns in their first three drives, and the number one defense only allowed one first down during that drive. I thought the pass protection had improved. Number one offensive line protected pretty well. Theus, Dantzler, and Burnette played with the one unit. I know the very first drive Burnette was a guard and Theus was a tackle."

Q: How was Marlon Browne?

A: "He caught one over the middle and took it a long way. He had the most balls thrown at him and he took advantage of it. He had some good space."

Q: Hutson got a lot of passes. How is he doing?

A: "We're going to work all three of those guys a lot. If something happened today then Hutson is number two. As of right now if something happened to Murray it would be Hutson. Hypothetically, if we felt like Hutson was more ready to lead the team more than Christian even if it was game six we would use Hutson. If Murray is fine and we get the opportunity to play a second quarterback we would use LeMay. Right now Hutson is ahead of LeMay."

Q: How's the pass defense?

A: "The number two didn't do very well. The number one defense did pretty well. I thought the number one defense played well."

Q: How was Malcom Mitchell?

A: "He did alright. He's still learning. I think he missed a tackle from trying to strip the ball out and he needs to learn to tackle first."

Q: How was the kicking?

A: "Offense scored mostly touchdowns so there weren't many opportunities to kick. We missed a relatively short-range kick though. You could tell that they were nervous."

Q: Would you play all four of the fullbacks?

A: "If they're special team kids then yes. One thing that I am going to do is to ask the coaches whom they would put up as the top 70. Each coach has guys he likes, and if you aren't smart enough to check in advance who to pull off you will end up with too many guys. Right now you need a back-up kicker and punter. You would like for a third kicker to be both of those."

Q: Any young guys stand out today?

A: "Things are happening so fast and I was looking at so many things- not studying the personnel. They did get a lot of reps, and you saw Gurley had a pretty good day. As far as camp all together I don't think there is a guy we signed that we don't think has done well."

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