Mark Richt on Day 8 of Fall Camp

ATHENS - Mark Richt spoke with the media following the eighth practice of fall camp.

"The day after the scrimmage tends to be a little rough. By the end it was pretty hot. I liked the fact that everyone wanted to fight through and finish what they started today. I'm gonna give a little shout out to Branden Smith. He's been making big plays every day. He looks like a senior trying to lead out there. He doesn't say much he just plays hard. Other guys are doing well, but I thought I would say that."

Q: What can you attribute to Brendon having a good camp?

A: "He's known for a little while that he was going to play. He had a great spring and he is practicing really hard. He had the best summer by far."

Q: Who are you looking to for kick return?

A: "The problem with that is you have to base it on how they are catching punts pre-practice and during the drill. The closer we get to the first game we will have more opportunities to figure it out."

Q: How is the place kicking?

A: "Right now I would say that Marshall Morgan is our extra point field goal guy."

Q: How is the number two unit doing?

A: "Well the number one unit played really well. The number two unit also did. I think that group is definitely coming along"

Q: Who is the fullback right now?

A: "Merritt Hall is our number one guy right now. He has done a great job. He knows who to hit and he comes with a lot of hat speed. He is putting his hat in the right spot, and he is striking. When we go 11 on 11 and we aren't tackling its harder to sustain a block. When we go full speed it will help him. I really like what he is doing. I feel like Quayvon Hicks is making tremendous progress. He has great body type for the position and also his attitude is great."

Q: What about Richard at fullback also?

A: "I don't know if I would put Quayvon ahead of Richard at this point."

Q: How are the freshmen outside linebackers?

A: "They are doing very well. Jordan Jenkins has all the pass rushing skills that you would hope. He needs to become a little more physical in the run game. Josh Dawson has gained some weight and he shows the ability to learn. He is more physical than I thought, and he has some quickness. DeLoach is a big athletic guy as well. All three of them are strong enough and agile enough physically to play. Hopefully they will help out our special teams as well."

Q: Who is at tailback?

A: "It isn't like number three and four on the depth chart get the reps-we rep everyone. The top couple guys haven't gone with the two unit though. Richard and Ken go with the one's, and Keith and Todd were with the twos on the first run in the scrimmage. We had Krempless and Harton finish out. We are going the two true freshmen to play with the ones."

Q: Has anyone been getting tired quickly?

A: "I thought I saw a little bit of heavy legs-not just freshmen. It wasn't anything that they couldn't push through. They have recovered pretty well every day. The good news was it wasn't a day where they couldn't finish. I thought they finished well. They got together and talked about the last two games last year and what it means to finish.

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