2012 Fall Camp Dirty Dozen Power Rankings 1.4

ATHENS – Dean Legge's player power rankings after a week of Georgia's 2012 fall camp.

This feature, which will updated during the two-week period that is fall camp, will cover the top players in silver britches as well as the top freshman at the time. The rankings, quite frankly, will be made on what is seen, what is said, what is heard and insiders' opinion on which players are making the move towards the top of the charts.

12. John Jenkins (NR) – I mean come on – dude went up and yanked an interception down with one had in a drill the other day. I look like a bit of an idiot not having him higher in the Dirty Dozen.

11. Todd Gurley (12) – Impressed at the scrimmage on Wednesday. It looks like a log jam right now at running back – and Ken Malcome will probably start game one – but I would hedge my bet that if healthy Gurley is going to be the top yard gainer from running back this fall.

10. John Theus (NR) – With Kolton Houston in and out of practice Theus moves into the Dirty Dozen. Georgia needs Houston to get back, but even if he does Theus' presence will provide the Bulldogs with three options, maybe four, at tackle. Theus struggled the first two days of camp – he's been very, very good ever since. Look for Watts Dantzler to slip inside to right guard and play a little right tackle as well.

9. Abry Jones (NR) – Just plain steady. Jones missed a day with left knee injury, but he's almost always overlooked. He's got some stellar players who could come in to play if he were to get hurt in the future, but Jones provides consistency on the defensive line.

8. Marlon Brown (NR) – If you play well in scrimmages you move up on this list. Brown killed it Wednesday – he moves up. But can he stay here when the band is playing this fall? Georgia needs a second receiver to complement King, and Brown can be that guy.

7. Malcolm Mitchell (5) – Mitchell falls just a bit because he's not rolling in and out with the offense and defense. He will likely move up a bit more as soon as he starts playing wide receiver again. I will go back to what Scott Lakatos said (either jokingly or not) to the Athens Banner-Herald earlier in the month about being the best corner at Georgia… if Mitchell is running with the second string like the way it looks like he is, Georgia is going to be totally loaded at cornerback this fall – and Missouri shouldn't be much of a test for this defense.

6. Shawn Williams (7) – Finally getting some of the attention he deserves for being one of the better players on the team.

5. Tavarres King (6) – Still the best receiver in camp right now. Didn't have an unreal scrimmage, but didn't have a poor effort, either. King still pretty high on this list.

4. Bacarri Rambo (4) – Just when, if ever, will Richt announce any suspensions for Rambo and Ogeltree…?

3. Aaron Murray (3) – Richtbot didn't reveal any interceptions from Wednesday's scrimmage… maybe Murray should be higher up on the list. The fact is that if Georgia throws the ball around the way I think they can Murray is going to be hard to beat. It will also likely make the running game open right up. If Murray plays well, and respects the ball, Georgia will be welcomed to Miami… it won't just be a bad song from the 1990s playing at practice.

2. Alec Ogletree (2) – No one died at the scrimmage… I'm a bit disappointed in Alec.

1. Jarvis Jones (1) – Easily the best, most mature and grounded player at Georgia… probably in the SEC.

Top Freshman: John Theus
Last Time: James Deloach

It's not time to celebrate the 2012 class yet, but Georgia's coaches did a heck of a job signing players who could come in early to play. Only a handful of players – about five – will redshirt this season. One of them, John Taylor, is only being redshirted because he's got two high-round draft picks in front of him with years of experience over him.

Marshall Morgan needs to get over his nerves – and he will – he's the one part of this class Georgia needs the most beyond Theus. If those two Floridians do their jobs the Dawgs will have a shot at playing in Florida twice this season – once in Jacksonville and once in Miami.

Other eye catchers: It wasn't really an eye catcher, but playing "Welcome to Miami" to start your practice at Sanford Stadium is sending two messages: 1. Georgia expects to play in the BCS National Title Game this winter; 2. Bad 1990s pop is still bad more than a decade later.

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