Richt on Day 9 of Fall Camp; w/ Video

ATHENS - Mark Richt spoke with the media following the ninth practice of fall camp.

"I think we're making progress. I think today they were tired. If it was really hot it would have gotten to them. I think they tried to push through it, but you could see the affects of camp start to show with their energy level. That is when you need to dig a little deeper. I thought the number one offense had a really good day. I think they are making a lot of improvement. The offensive line is coming along. The number one defense had a good day as well. I just saw a little bit less of the spark and energy that I have been seeing. I can't say that I am totally thrilled."

Q: How is John Theus at tackle?

A: "I would say that he is the number one at right tackle. I think the whole offensive line is doing well. He has a ways to go but he is getting there. Him and Pyke are getting a ton of reps. Quayvon, Ty, and Tibbs are all getting a lot of reps to show what they can do. I think the majority of them will play this year. I think the offensive freshmen are in a position to help us."

Q: Have you started preparing for Buffalo?

A: "It's still a little ways to go. We still aren't sure what they are going to do. We haven't moved into the first game mode. It's usually about eight to ten practices out."

Q: Is it important to solidify the first five?

A: "I feel good about Theus at right tackle and Gates at left tackle. That has been the lineup that has been together the most. They are beginning to gel and play a lot. Watts has a chance to fight for a starting position at tackle or right guard."

Q: How is Faton?

A: "He's learning. He isn't getting a ton of reps. We have Murray, Hutson, and LeMay getting the majority of the reps. Parker is getting some reps as well. It's just a matter of learning. It is harder to learn when you have a few amount of opportunities, but we aren't expecting him to have to play for us this year. More than likely he will redshirt."

Q: After Rambo and Shawn Williams who is next at safety?

A: "I would say Connor and Moore right now. Josh Harvey-Clemons is getting work in the nickel position."

Q: When will the depth chart start shaping up?

A: "First of all I don't even know if we post depth charts every day. We just try to get as many guys prepared as possible. We don't focus much on that right now. By the time we play the practice game we'll start nailing down the practice players and who will play."

Q: How are Gurley and Marshall?

A: "You can't ever get comfortable without experience, but they know enough to function. They know enough to get reps in the ballgame.

Q: Will Johnathon Taylor redshirt?

A: "He's getting good reps. He is a very big athletic guy and he seems eager to learn. I think now that camps are different than they used to be."

Q: Will you ease Marshall and Gurley into playing time?

A: "I just think whoever is the most productive we need to get in the game. If they're in there a lot its because they're doing well. We're definitely going to play them."

Q: How has Gates been doing?

A: "He had a good practice today I noticed. He is kind of a quiet guy who just shows up and works."

Q: Are you worried about only being able to bring 70 guys on trips?

A: "The amount of depth (on special teams) is fine right now. You can only bring 70 guys on the trip, and the reality is that most every year some of them are walk ons. We've had a few things that might keep guys out a little while, but it's been pretty good."

Q: For a freshmen how does the no huddle affect their ability?

A: "It's a little tougher with the no huddle offense. You want to snap the ball quicker than if you were breaking the huddle. There are also so many things happening upfront, defensively, that you have to be able to adjust. If they shift you have to do something faster. That is tougher on young guys than it used to be."

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