Richt Wraps Scrimmage; w/ Video

ATHENS - Mark Richt wraps up Georgia's third scrimmage of the pre-season.

Mark Richt recapped Georgia's scrimmage stats:


Gurley – 6 carries for 54, TD
K. Malcome – 6 carries for 50 yards
Keith Marshall – 3 carries for 17 yards
Samuel – 3 carries for 10 yards


Murray – 20 of 25, 253 yards, 2 TD
Lemay – 3 for 5, 42 yards
Hutson – 2 for 4, 24 yards, TD


Marlon, 7 catches for 98 yards
Wooten, 3 catches for 37 yards
Lynch, 2 catches for 36 yards
Conley, 3 catches for 29 yards
M. Bennett, 2 catches for 26, TD
T. King, 2 catches for 24 yards
R. McGowan, 3 catches for 23 yards, TD
Keith Marshall, 1 catch for 23 yard, TD
K. Malcome, 1 for 18 yards
M. Hall – 1 for 5 yards

Mike Gilliard – 4 tackles
M. Mitchell – 3 tackles
John Jenkins – 3 tackles, TFL, sack
Jarvis – 3 tackles, TFL
Herrera – 3 tackles, INT – 23 yards, TD
Norman – 3 tackles
Jordan – 2 tackles, TFL
C. Wash – 2 tackles, TFL, PBU
S. Dawson – 1 tackle
G. Smith – 1 tackle, TFL
S. Williams – 1 tackle, PBU
Swann – 1 tackles, 2 PBU
A. Jones – 1 tackle
C. Robinson – 1 tackle
R. Wilson – 1 tackle
Branden Smith – PBU

"It was a great day, I think. We had a barnburner today as you all witnessed. A final score of 48-49 overtime victory by Georgia. If you happened to miss any of the game, Georgia was down late in the 4th and scored a touchdown to put it into overtime. Actually got the overtime back and missed a field goal. Buffalo got the ball, scored and went for 2, which was a good strategy considering they were the visiting team...Georgia faced a 35-0 halftime deficit. We had a rousing halftime speech by me and it worked."

Q: How many points did you spot them?

A: We played a half a game. We were down 35-0 when we started playing. It was a pretty exciting game.

Q: Thirteen points against UGA. Is that okay with you?< /b>

A: One play, I gave Buffalo a 67-yard gain to the 11 yard line. It was first and goal at the 11 and we could've stopped them. Then in the overtime, they legitimately scored.

Q: Who was the quarterback for Buffalo?< /b>

A: Faton.

Q: Are you encouraged by Gurley and his numbers in scrimmages? Do you have a starter at tailback?< /b>

A: Gurley ran well, but I think they all really ran well. It's too early. Even when we do that, I doubt I'll announce anything because I want the guys to keep fighting and keep competing. We may announce the starter but to sit there and say who's next, I'm pretty sure Ken Malcome is going to start but something could change between now and then.

Q: What about fumbles in the scrimmage?< /b>

A: No fumbles. No turnovers by the Georgia team.

Q: Who might start at your safety positions?< /b>

A: I probably won't ever say that.

Q: Any injuries today?< /b>

A: I don't think anything serious happened today. Maybe a Charlie Horse—I don't know if that's a medical term.

Q: If you guys are going to be a championship team, what does Aaron Murray need to do?

A: I think there were times when he took sacks when he could've thrown it away. And I think there were some times when he threw balls that could have been picked and he could've thrown them to a safer spot. We should never throw a ball that should've been picked or could've been picked. There's a lot of balls that get picked that I don't blame the quarterback for. There are some throws that should've been picked…I'm more mad at that then the pick. He may have one that rush out to be an incompletion that could've been picked but shouldn't have been thrown.

Q: Justin Scott Wesley's name came up a bit in spring but hasn't so much this fall. How has he developed?< /b>

A: Ball hasn't been coming to him as much in these scrimmages but he's definitely a guy that will be dressing, traveling and playing. How much he plays will have a lot to do with how he practices. In any given game, if you're first team is gassed, your number is called.

Q: Who were your punt returners today?< /b>

A: Malcom Mitchell and Branden Smith each got punt returns.

Q: From an operational standpoint, how did you view the scrimmage?< /b>

A: That was an outstanding scrimmage. We did a great job. I have to give a hand to the grad assistant coaches for getting the guys lined up properly.

Q: How's Kwame Geathers done this preseason?< /b>

A: He's the No. 2 guy but he'll play a lot. Those two guys (John Jenkins and Geathers) will play a lot. The goal for them will be to play as hard and fast as they can.

Q: As far as John Taylor is concerned, will he play?< /b>

A: It'd be tought to get him in there right now. We like him a lot.

Q: Is the feeling different going into a game with Buffalo then the primetime matchup last year?< /b>

A: There was a lot of hype going into that one. In the dome. At Night. I think they were a top 10 team. It was different in the buildup. When it comes to playing game one, it's the same thing every year. We're tired of hitting each other. We want to hit someone else. Everyone is excited about playing game one, and we're one of them.

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