Commits Respond to Big Win

Georgia picked up a big win over Missouri Saturday night and some of the UGA commitments respond to that victory here.

Georgia beat Missouri 41-20 Saturday night and here are what some of the future Dawgs had to say about that win:

  • Aulden Bynum: "It was a big win against a tough opponent. I think the guys that had to play for the suspended players did a great job in a hostile environment. I also think John Theus did a good job considering he is a freshman playing in an SEC game in a hostile environment after being on crutches a couple of days ago. It still does not seem like the team is clicking yet, but when they start playing good, UGA is going to be tough to stop."

  • Josh Cardiello: "I thought it was a great win. I figured we would pull it out in the second half and we did. I was pumped. I am glad we showed them some grown man football."

  • Reggie Carter: "We played tough. We started out slow, but we pulled it out, and won. The only thing that matters is the 'W'. Jarvis Jones had a tremendous game and Go Dawgs!"

  • Shaquille Fluker: "They did great and I liked how they played, especially on the defense. When I was watching, I was watching what they did on defense, and I liked what they like to run. I think they did great team wise staying together to win the game."

  • Nick Glass (2014): "Georgia looked great. They looked like they may win the SEC and National Championship when they get everyone back."

  • DeAndre Johnson: "I was excited about the win. I knew we were going to beat them because it is our year. Everyone played with a motor all the way until the final buzzer. As long as we keep playing like this, nobody will beat us."

  • Rico Johnson: "I expected the win because they were talking a little too much for their first game in the SEC. They competed well, but my Dawgs were too much for them."

  • Brandon Kublanow: "I didn't doubt my Dawgs for one second. I knew they would make some adjustments, so we got off to a slow start, but we pulled it out. It was exciting and I cannot wait to be a Dawg! Also, Jarvis Jones for Heisman!"

  • Tray Mattews: "I felt like it was a really good game. Both teams played hard and I loved the way Jarvis "Sacman" Jones played. Nobody can block him coming off the edge. That is the kind of stuff I am looking forward to - Safety blitzes coming off the edge. The offense looked pretty good and Todd Gurley is an impact player. I like how UGA uses true freshmen."

  • Quincy Mauger: "I think they played good, especially without all the starters. UGA stated off slow, but came through. Jarvis Jones made a big impact the whole game and he is a first round pick all the way."

  • Ryne Rankin: "I can say that I was surprised to see Missouri come out of the Big 12 fighting hard against the Dawgs. But I guess the "Old Man Football" overwhelmed Missouri at the end when "Sacman" picked that pass off. UGA scored touchdown after touchdown after touchdown in the second half. I guess Missouri will learn to respect their elders in the SEC."

  • Shaquille Wiggins: "Georgia played a good game and I think the defense looked great. Jarvis Jones is a beast and if UGA keeps playing hard, good things will happen this season."

  • Reggie Wilkerson: "It was a good win for us. If the offensive line gives Aaron Murray time, we will be back in Atlanta. The defense gave up a few plays, but nobody is perfect. The defense came out in the second half and really played their assignments well. UGA has faith in each other and that is going to help us in the long run. Missouri is a good team and I think they will do good in the SEC this year."

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