Rashaan Evans Excited by Georgia Tech Offer

Auburn, Alabama hybrid defensive end/outside linebacker Rashaan Evans received a recent verbal offer that caught him by surprise. The offer has raised Evans' interest in that school.

Georgia Tech recently extended an offer to Rashaan Evans through his coach. "That caught me by surprise. I knew they were interested but I wasn't aware that they were close to offering until my coach told me they had offered." Evans is excited about the offer because he knows they have a good football program and they are a strong academic school.

Georgia Tech's location is another factor that is attractive to Evans. Rashaan doesn't know that much about Tech but he plans to make a trip to Atlanta to take in the game day experience. "I will most likely make it for the Boston College game in October."

Prior to receiving the offer from Georgia Tech, Evans had also received offers from Auburn, Georgia, and Louisiana Tech.

Playing in a particular conference will not influence Evans when he makes his decision. "You know you always hear someone saying that they want to play in the SEC. I personally don't care as long as the school I pick is one that I like and one that will give me a first class education."

Rashaan's mom may prefer that he stays close to home but he won't let the distance from home influence his decision. "You know how moms are, they want you to stay close to home but to me distance doesn't matter. I know once I decide my mom will support me wherever I choose to go."

Evans has a good idea what schools he wants to visit during the season. His next visit will be to the Auburn-LSU game this coming weekend at Auburn. He also hopes to schedule visits to Georgia and Florida State. "I also know I will be going to see Georgia Tech."

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