Richt talks Wednesday's practice

Mark Richt talks about a sloppy Tuesday practice and a stronger showing Wednesday.

"Alright, Wednesday, the last day in any kind of padding. I thought we had pretty good energy. I I think our 11-on-11 yesterday after looking at it wasn't real sporty, especially our No. 1 defense vs. our No. 2 offense. It wasn't a very good drill in my mind. Today I think our No. 1 defense was 8 out of 8 victories today, so we finished today. Pass skeleton yesterday for the offense was fairly miserable. They did a lot better job today, so those things were good. I continue to be impressed with our scout teams and their effort. It's not an easy job but it's a job that's got to be done and has to be done well to simulate everything we're going to go against. I'm proud of them."

Q: Mel Kiper moved Jarvis to No. 1 on his Big Board. Have you resigned that this is your last season with Jarvis?

Richt: I'd be excited for Jarvis to get drafted that high. It's just a matter of when. When that day comes, I'll be the first one to be genuinely thrilled for him.

How impressed were you with Chase Vasser? How do you see him fitting in when Jarvis returns?

Richt: I think Chase played very hard. He of course caused the first fumble of the ballgame, which was a great effort play. He also hurried the quarterback one time, I saw, when it looked like he was being held. But he fought away from it and forced a bad throw. He was in on a few other plays. The amount of plays he made compared to how many he was actually in the game, it was a high ratio of production. That's the point I'm trying to get to. I was really happy with him. A lot of times it depends on how many two-receiver sets we see. If there's two receivers in the game, he's been in the game. He can be in the game the same time as Jarvis so it's not a problem. He has not been a starter when there's three or four-receiver sets. A lot of his playing time is dictated on who is in the game offensively.

Do you see Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall as more of a homerun threat than you've had at that position in a while?

Richt: I hope so. I know we've hit some big runs. Some of that is just flat out good blocking. A lot of the runs they've had, you still have to find it and have a little patience sometimes and set up a block and then hit it. It's not that anybody can run through those holes. We've had some good blocking. We've had more opportunities to make safeties miss in the first three than we had all last year. How many times have they made the safety miss and then taken it to the house? That's the next stage of development for those guys that I'd like to see them improve on. There's been a couple. It didn't turn out to be a touchdown. One of the runs Keith Marshall had, he was flowing right, quarterback pitched it back to him left, and he almost scored. He reached out and almost scored. He made a guy miss in space, It was kind of a subtle move but the guy just flew right by him and he hit it verticle. I think they have that ability. I've seen it in high school film. I hope to see more of it here.

Has there been any discussion to give John Theus a look at left tackle if Dallas Lee can't play?

Richt: No, Theus every rep he has had has been on the right side. For a true freshman, you're just trying to get him ready to play period... The assignments probably wouldn't be as much of an issue as just learning how to pass set from the left side. He's gotten so many quality reps on the right. It's hard to throw a guy over there especially as a freshman. I don't know if he'll change to left tackle ever actually. There's more of a chance of getting him some reps in the spring and that type of thing if you wanted to experiment.

Do you feel like this week will show you what your offense is really made of?

Richt: We played a good defense in Missouri, I thought. We had to struggle and fight and scrap. Of course, two of our scores were set up by defensive turnovers. I think that as the game went on we played pretty good against a very good defense. As you said, Vandy's defense is outstanding, and statistically, they're keeping people off the board. It'll be a challenge for us to see what we're made of. They got a bunch of veterans back. They did lose Marve in the middle—one of their better players. They've got some veteran guys playing in his spot. They are playing good. They've played two outstanding football teams in South Carolina, who scored 17, and Northwestern. I know they had a field goal late, and then I think Vandy went for it on fourth down to get back in the game and gave up good field position and they (Northwestern) got another score…They shutout their other opponent. They're good. They're good.

Is Dallas Lee a possibility for Saturday?

Richt: He practiced against the scouts today. He looked pretty good. I would guess there's a good chance of him playing. It's not a guaranteed chance. I think you'd have to measure a gimpy Lee compared to a healthy Beard. Even if he's given the ok to go, he still may not start. Or if he starts, we may rotate. Beard played good enough to prove that he can get in there. So we may rotate around and take some pressure off that ankle. I'm not exactly sure how we'll do it yet, but we'll talk about it more tomorrow night or Friday.

Is Richard Samuel a kind of guy that you've enjoyed having?

Richt: I love Richard Samuel. I can't say enough good about Richard Samuel. I know it's not been easy on him as far as the amount of reps that he's got to this point. But he's a very valuable part of the team. He's one of the finest guys that have come through the program. I'll take Richard everytime.

Have you ever had a guy that moved that much and didn't complain about it?

Richt: He certainly would like to play more. I know that, for sure, but he has been one to try to do whatever the team needs to win. We'll never really know what kind of a defensive player he could've been because of the injury that year he was going to make the move. He's been good for Georgia.

Jarvis said he's going to play Saturday. Do you agree with that?

Richt: He got some reps today against the scouts. I would say we're hopeful, I guess, is the best way to say. I'm hopeful to feel healthy enough to go. I'm not 100% sure he will be.

Any update at all on the Kolton Houston situation?

Richt: It's still the same. Yeah, it's still the same.

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