Cutoffs Posted For Football Tickets

Cutoffs Posted For Single-Game, Away Game Football Tickets

Faculty-Staff Orders Filled, Regular Priced Extras Refunded

July 20, 2003

Cutoffs For All of the away game and home single game football orders have been processed by the Georgia Athletic Association ticket office, and the following cumulative cutoff scores have been posted. The following scores received tickets:

Away Games

Clemson 11,175 and up

LSU 13,860 and up

Tennessee 11,616 and up

Vandy All orders were filled

Florida Club 25,051 and up

Florida Regular 4,301 and up

Georgia Tech 15,700 and up

Single Home Games

South Carolina 58,100 and up

Alabama 23,025 and up

Auburn No tickets available

FACULTY-STAFF TICKET ORDERS The Georgia Athletic Association ticket office has finished processing all Faculty/Staff football ticket orders for the 2003 season.

All requests were filled for season tickets ordered for the faculty member and dependents. However, because of a record-setting demand, all regular-priced extra season ticket requests were refunded.

Below is the cutoff for Faculty/Staff away games:

LSU 1A - 20D priorities received tickets

Clemson 1-A - 23C priorities received tickets

Tennessee 1-A - 25D priorities received tickets

Vandy All requests were filled

Florida 1A - 24E priorities received tickets

Tech 1A - 22F priorites received tickets

Refunds will be processed as soon as possible

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