Vince Dooley makes a public Statement

Statement by UGA Director of Athletics Vince Dooley: Academics versus athletics should not be the issue

Georgia Athletic Director Vince Dooley makes a public statement about the controversy that has split the Dawgnation.

"I have been very concerned about the perception by some that the current controversy surrounding my future at Georgia is an issue of academics versus athletics."

"I have said both privately and publicly that academics must always be at the forefront and the top priority of any college or university. While there have obviously been many who disagree with the decision that was made, the president has, and should have, the authority to make the decision."

"Unfortunately the controversy is being portrayed by some as an academics versus athletics issue. I do not believe that is the case nor should it ever be the case, especially considering other issues that have been raised in the controversy have nothing to do with athletics."

"I deeply appreciate the outpouring of support regarding the controversy about my future at Georgia. It has been both humbling and heartwarming. However, I have contacted several individuals that have been passionately active in the controversy surrounding my future and asked them to refrain from using my name or Georgia athletics in general as an issue."

"Historically, athletics at Georgia has been a positive force in the academic mission of the University and I am very much against anything that might be detrimental to that fact."

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