Richt: Dawgs Will Not Fall Apart

ATHENS - Mark Richt spoke with reporters on Sunday after Georgia's loss to South Carolina.

South Carolina just physically whipped us.

You never really know for sure until you start playing. If we had more success at the start of the game it wouldn't have seen so flat. There were a lot of things that could have gone better along the way.

I am still going to say South Carolina did a heck of a job, and we didn't get the job done.

You are a public figure and people get upset about things. People get criticism especially when you are the quarterback. Every QB we had at FSU had their phone numbers unlisted.

I think you just hold your head high and act in a first-class manner. Be man enough to turn the other check and handle your business.

I don't think we will do anything on the offensive line that will change now. I know Watts' ankle has been bothering him. I still think we have our best five in there. The big thing is we have to acknowledge what happened. We need to get back to work and continue to believe in one another.

There is always a little element of something that is new at the start of games. Everyone kind of scripts that first drive or first couple of drives to see what's there.

Running games tend to do well as the game goes on. But the better defenses you play –sometimes you have to be patient. We tried to be patient, but we never could get on track. Sometimes we just flat out didn't block well enough. Sometimes it is just a game where you have to move the ball and make plays – I don't care if it is a screen. We were searching, but they had answers for most of the ballgame.

Sometimes you just have a bad game period. You run into a team at home; with great ball players; who made plays. I hate to be a victim of it. I am not losing confidence in our players or coaches. Georgia is not going to fall apart. We are going to get better at what we do. If we have to make changes we will.

A year ago we were 0-2, and everything thought it was over for Georgia. It is one day it was one game.

The sun did come up, and we've got to get to work.

I think time will tell… there are some really mighty big tests for South Carolina and us. There are a lot of big games to play for all of us. If we keep winning we want to be in position to get back to Atlanta – that's our focus.

The main thing for Malcolm Mitchell is offense right now.

Was proud of the way Ken ran the ball. It was the way he ran the ball at the end of the LSU game last year. I don't know how many starters they had in there or their frame of mind. But Ken's frame of mind was to take advantage of his time.

Hutson Mason is getting a lot of reps. We still believe he is our number two QB. We will continue to work him. We will decided on a week-to-week basis what happens with him depending on what happens with Aaron (being injured).

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