Time's on Davidson's Side

Shaquille Davidson does have a clear leader, but he is in no rush to make his decision. This 2014 play-maker knows that time is on his side.

"I am planning to wait it out, take some official visits, and go through the recruiting process with my mom and grandma," Shaquille Davidson told Scout. "I am not going to rush things, I need to get out and see different places, and I just want to take my time. I know I have plenty of time since I am only a junior."

Davidson talks about getting out to see different places and he has only seen one place this season when talking college campuses.

That school has had him on their campus three different times and they have the lead early on.

"I have only been to games at South Carolina and I have been to three different games there this year. They are recruiting me hard, I like their coaching staff and players, and I just like how everything gels together there.

"I have had them on top of my list for a little while now and they are still my leader. I just feel comfortable there, I have been there a lot, and I am very familiar with them."

It looks like other schools will be get their shot to impress the play-maker out of Gaffney, S.C. later this season.

"I know for sure I will be at North Carolina and Georgia for a game this year and I would like to get down to Florida State too," he said. "I am getting invites from a lot of different schools, but I know I will not be able to get to all the different places this season."

When asked who is recruiting him the hardest right now, Davidison said, "North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio State."

Then he paused for a second and said, "Oh yeah, Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, LSU, and some others too. Those schools have not offered me yet like the first ones, but they are showing similar interest in me."

All of the attention from colleges across the country is recognized by the 6-foot, 168 pound junior wide receiver, but he is not focused on that right now.

"I am thinking most about school, my teammates, the games each week, and those types of things right now. Recruiting is there, but it is not what I think about a lot right now. That will probably change after the season and next spring."

By the end of the summer in 2013, Davidson will likely have his focus on just a select few of schools.

"South Carolina is on top and I like Georgia and North Carolina right after them right now, but I am really still looking at all the different schools.

"I will have my list down to four or five schools next year and be able to really look at them."

Davidson is looking for a school that gets the ball to their play-makers, a staff that he gets along with, and early playing time could play a little into his decision too.

His mother and grandmother will both take this journey with him and they offered their advice. "They both told me to do what is best for me. They want it to be my decision and they will be there for me, but it is my decision, and they want me to be happy."

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