The (Mark) Fox perspective

Every team begins a new season with high hopes and certain expectations, including realistic ones. For Georgia head coach Mark Fox, that realistic expectation and perspective has been the main message heading into the 2012-13 campaign.

The Georgia Bulldogs have certain advantages that every school does not necessarily have. For instance, the school has a campus in Italy. The men's basketball team took advantage of it this summer on a trip over the Atlantic to find out about themselves as well as learn some things about where they were at.

Bulldog coach Mark Fox said his players had an educational gain just by being there and taking in the history and culture in between 10 practices and four games. But it was his hidden want during the trip that may have helped the team the most.

"I wanted us to lose a game, and we did," he said. "I wanted to see how we'd bounce back."

After dropping the game, the nature of the 2012-13 Bulldogs came out.

"We were ticked off that we had lost," said Fox. "And we had the mentality not to lose. We learned the competitive nature of our team."

Fox's plan worked out, in what has been a team-first emphasis all offseason. It's not like it wasn't like that before; though, the coach doesn't let the home announcer introduce him at games because "it's about the kids." The team concept echoes throughout everything they do, including viewing the schedule. With plenty of hype surrounding a November 19 game against preseason No. 1 Indiana, the focus remains "one game at a time."

"You want to win, you want to play well," he said. "But the only time you have to win is against cancer."

"They're experienced and we're not that," Fox continued. "We're a better team, but still inexperienced. But we don't think about Indiana at all, we're just trying to be a good team. We're not thinking about anybody."

Coaches have to consistently think about recruiting in today's cycle, and what Kentucky and coach John Calipari is doing on many levels has the attention of Fox – but not on television.

When asked about UK's reality show on ESPN, the coach said "I haven't seen it…I really don't care."

"If you're good enough to compete with the upper-echelon teams in this league, you're good enough to win a national championship. If you're good enough to win a national championship, you can recruit."

Earlier in the session with SEC media on Thursday, Fox joked about the show and how it affects recruiting.

"We're starting our own show!"

The show for Georgia, on the court, begins November 9 against Jacksonville.

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