Georgia's 10 Bellwether Games

ATHENS - Dean Legge takes a look at Georgia's ten bellwether games of 2012-13.

Nov. 15 vs. Southern Miss
The Eagles made a trip to the NCAAs last season, so this game is a good chance for the Dawgs to figure out where they are right off the bat. A win would go a long way to getting back into the post-season. A loss is something many supporters won't understand considering Southern Miss' name recognition.

Nov. 30 at South Florida
A win over a Big East team would make Georgia's resume look great. The fact that The Bulldogs will have already played at least three good programs before that date should make the game winnable.

Dec. 4 at Georgia Tech
The fact that Tech beat Georgia in Athens for the first time in decades (and the manner in which the Jackets won) made many Bulldog fans furious. Georgia needs to play well and win this contest.

Dec. 22 vs. USC
Georgia beat the Trojans in Los Angeles last season, so the return game is a winnable contest for the Bulldogs.

Jan. 4 vs. George Washington
The Colonials are a good final game for the Dawgs before SEC play starts. This is a game Georgia should win.

Jan. 19 vs. LSU
The Tigers have changed coaches, and will likely be underdogs when they arrive in Athens. Georgia should take care of business in this game.

Jan. 30 vs. Auburn
Another winnable home game for the Bulldogs.

Feb. 12 vs. Alabama
If the month of February is about positioning your team for post-season play then this game is one Georgia can win. Alabama should play in the NCAAs in the spring of 2013. That means this game, if Georgia wins it, would be a major resume builder for the Bulldogs.

Feb. 23 vs. South Carolina
Frank Martin and his chickens will come to Athens in late February for a border fight between two programs struggling to find their ways into post-season play. The winner of this game will likely avoid playing in the SEC's new Wednesday night tournament games for the four teams at the bottom of the standings.

March 2 vs. Kentucky
There is no reason to expect that Georgia will win this game, but it is in Athens, so a good effort is expected. The second-to-last game of the season will be an indicator of where the program has come during the season.

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