Muschamp SEC Teleconference Q&A

Florida head coach Will Muschamp conducted his weekly SEC teleconference for the national media on Wednesday. Saturday is senior day and the last home game for Florida's seniors who will be honored at midfield and Muschamp talked a bit about the importance of this senior class. The Jacksonville State game will be played with a few key players missing from injuries. All of that talked about here.

Muschamp led off with an injury report.

Will Muschamp: "Jeff Driskel is out. Jacoby Brissett will start and play well. I have a lot of confidence in Jacoby and it's his opportunity and looking forward to seeing him play. Andre Debose will be out. Neiron Ball will be out. Pop Saunders will be out. Valdez Showers will be questionable with a shoulder. We are trying to get him some urns today and possibly Thursday. Ian Silberman is questionable. Xavier Nixon and James Wilson are probable for the game. "

Q. Is there a chance Jeff could play?
Muschamp: He can't get on the practice field today. If you don't know by Wednesday you don't need to play and certainly don't need to start. We have confidence in Jacoby and he'll play well. He's prepared himself. One snap away…"Man down and man up", that's been our motto.

Q. Were you aware of everything in regards to Sharrif Floyd and were you worried about eligibility issues?
Muschamp: Absolutely not ever worried about any eligibility issues. Sharrif is a fine young man, everything is above board. The University of Florida has handled it. What is wrong with someone caring about someone else. What is so bad about that? The young man has done nothing wrong. I stand by what I said a year ago and stand by it today."

Q. Talk a little bit about Caleb Sturgis and James Wilson?
Muschamp: "When I first came here James was a guy that needed to get his weight under control. When we started camp a year ago he was on the exercise bike trying to get his weight down. He had a lot of injury situations. The season rolled on and he was on the scout team and never complained. He took his circumstances and made them a positive. He started for us at the end of the season. He was able to come back this year and graduate and has played really well for us this fall. He's a team guy and important for him to play for the University of Florida and is an outstanding young man.

"Caleb's on the field accomplishments speak for themselves. He has had a phenomenal two years and even before I got here. He does a great job and very accurate. I think he is the best place kicker in the country. He is very dependable and has an explosive leg. He's a guy that works extremely hard at it. He is also an outstanding young man and has graduated.

"Both of those guys have represented our University in a first class manner."

Q. Is Driskel's injury bad enough to be concerned for next week?
Muschamp: "We are just working through this week and it's day to day. Whenever you deal with an ankle it's a day to day process. It's a situation that continues to improve but how much it will improve in the next week I have no idea. We feel like he will be available, but who knows."

Q. How much did the seniors like Omar Hunter and Jon Bostic help in the coaching transition to keep things steady?
Muschamp: "They were outstanding. Understanding the expectations and philosophically what I believe and what this program stands for. They are exactly what we want in this program as to what kind of player they are, young man, and student athlete. Certainly it has helped in a transition year. Both guys are guys that I count on as far as how the locker room is doing and I think they have just done an outstanding job."

Q. Can you speak of the birth of the "Man down, man up" motto?
Muschamp: "What you emphasize is what is important to them. We have emphasized that our season a year ago we had a lot of injuries. Felt that we used it as an excuse. I went into the season saying that isn't going to be an excuse. Injuries are a part of the game. The SEC is physical and you are going to have injuries. When a guy goes down, the other guy has to step up and play. You have to move on."

Q. Can you talk of Dante Fowler and what he has brought to your team this year?
Muschamp: "He's been great, I want to credit Corey Moore at Lakewood with the job he did with Dante. He's a guy that is very talented and blessed with a lot of ability. He came in here a very humble young man and worked. He's put the time in and done an outstanding job for us academically and socially. He has been a very productive player. He learns well and works at itr. He is always in Dan's office trying to learn and watch more film and a guy that listens. That is a talent and a lot of young guys have a hard time listening."

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