Reaction from Miles

After notching the team's tenth win of the season, Les Miles spoke with reporters about a number of topics, from winning with youth to what went wrong in the second half on offense.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Here were some of the best quotes given by Les Miles after the game. The topic of playing with youngsters and still achieving 10 wins and improving was the predominant one after the win in the regular-season finale against Arkansas.

On what the Arkansas defense did differently in the second half …
"They came after us. They stunted, they blitzed, they did the right things. It was a nice addition to their plan. We have to throw the ball better and protect the quarterback better. I give credit to the opponent."

On what it was like playing in Fayetteville …
"I recognize that playing here is a big advantage for these Razorbacks. The stadium is a live venue. They give us fits in Little Rock as well, so who knows?"

On finishing out close games …
"We get into the back end of games and we know how to play it. We'll make it difficult on our opponent. Our guys believe they're going to win. It's maybe the greatest characteristic of our football team."

On the problems in the passing game …
"It kinda appeared to me that the protection had breakdowns that we don't normally have, and I think maybe a ball or two was dropped. But I've got to give credit to the opponent."

On if the defensive philosophy allows yards, but not points …
"Honestly I'm not for the yards either to be real honest with you. The thing that the defense does is they keep it in front of them. The back end of the games, we understand how that's going to play. But I think there are some things that (we have to work on). We have to tackle better out of the backfield. If we can hit those little flare routes that they were having advantages with and tackle them short, then I think that it certainly makes a difference."

On playing with young guys regularly …
"When you play with as many young players that we are playing with right now (it's tough) … You're looking at a very small number of upperclassmen (who play big minutes). We're playing a lot of freshmen. You look at those linebackers who play, they youngsters who've just come on campus. They're not shaving yet. Again, certain games and certain seasons, you have to win these games like this. We've got the opportunity to improve and get a little bit healthier."

On Brad Wing's performance …
"The changing of field position when he took the field for us was really an advantage for us in that game. We turned around and he'd punt it again, and he became a very, very key factor in this football game."

On achieving 10 wins and the future …
"It's a very good football team, (especially) if you think of the number of players that we started the season with that are no longer with us. We had to turn to two young freshmen on the offensive line, and they just walk in and play extremely hard. We have the same abilities and opportunity to achieve (with them in). For this football team to play freshman at linebacker, freshmen at corner, for this football team to achieve 10 victories, they'll be awfully salty in a year. I can tell you that."
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