Bob ‘excited, happy, proud,' of brother Mark

NORMAN, Okla. — Bob Stoops won't be heading to the SEC, but his brother Mark is and he's more than thrilled for the former Florida State defensive coordinator newly hired Kentucky head coach.

"I'm excited for him," Stoops said after practice Tuesday. "Excited for Mark, happy for him, proud of him. All of those things.  He's earned it. He's done really well everywhere he's been, of course, there in the last several years at Florida State finishing it off."

Not only does Stoops believe his sibling seven years the former is qualified for the position, but he feels he's ready for the step up.

"I know he's really prepared for the job and believe Kentucky, as he does, has a lot of potential, a lot of resources to build," Stoops said. "So I know he's excited about the opportunity."

First advice: hit the road recruiting.

"Yeah, and trust your instincts," Stoops said. "Everybody when you get one of those positions, everybody wants to tell you what you need to do. I know that's how it was for me, and I didn't let anybody hurry me. I felt I took it at my own pace, trusted my gut and my instincts on what I wanted to do, and, fortunately, it worked out."

It has for 14 years for Stoops, who has compiled a 148-36 overall record.

Now, it's time to for the youngest Stoops brother to get his chance.

One thing's for sure: he's no stranger to competition, even though the SEC might be a step up from what he's seen.

"I think his experience all through, you know, even building Arizona back up," Stoops said. "Being a part of that along with Florida State, the level of competition at both schools. You know, both schools just the competition and the way they've played, the way they've done things, he's got good experience, great experience."

He has brother Bob's approval, at least.

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