Autry wears no. 5 for a reason

Myles Autry scored a touchdown early in the first quarter Friday night and he set the tone for Norcross' win over Camden County. This junior is already an elite prospect with big-time offers.

Myles Autry got things started for Norcross Friday night against Camden County and this talented junior likes when he is the guy they go to.

"My number was called and I made a play. I set the tone and it felt good. We had worked on that play all week, so I caught the pass, did my things, and got it in the endzone," Autry told Scout.

In 2012, Autry is starring on the offensive side of the ball after shutting things down for numerous receivers as a corner in 2011.

He likes being able to help his team in multiple ways.

"I am glad I do not have to settle down and just play one position all of the time. I like returning punts, moving to different positions, and it is fun being an athlete.

"I like to get into space, so I like being used at running back, wide receiver, and on special teams. I wear no. 5 for Reggie Bush and he was used that way at USC. I feel I can do some of the things he did in college."

Bush was a national recruit coming out of high school and Autry could be on his way.

"It is still early for me, but it is pretty exciting to be getting these offers. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and other schools have offered me, so it is exciting.

"I am not thinking about it too much right now because we are going for a state title, but I will look at it more in the spring and summer. I like the fact that I have the offers though and I am still working to get more."

When asked about favorites, Autry said, "It is too early for that. I will start thinking about that come spring."

Simmons Take: Autry is so much fun to watch. He hurdled over two Camden County defenders to score a touchdown and that is just what he does. He makes big plays. Whether it is as a running back, wide receiver, or return man, he seems to be in the middle of at least one game-changing play when I see him play. He is so good with the ball in his hands because of his feel for the game, his elusiveness, his quickness, and his speed. He is a very fluid athlete and the scary thing is, he may be even better as a cornerback. Autry is already a member of the Scout300 and he could challenge for the Scout100 in 2014.

Chad Simmons is currently a National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/Scout. He started with Scout in 2003 and then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager.
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