UA Game: Package Deal?

ORLANDO, Fla - Robert Nkemdiche and Antonio Conner are two of the nation's premier prospects. The Under Armour lunch held on Wednesday might provide a clue as to where their talents may be on display in college.

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Antonio Conner & Robert Nkemdiche

On his recruitment:

"I'm still kind of undecided right now. But, you know, Ole Miss is leading, and then LSU's under that and Florida's under that. I'm kind of undecided right now."

On Ole Miss:

"Ole Miss is a great school on the rise. I saw on ESPN Nick Saban went 7-6 in his first year. Coach Freeze may be able to do the same thing after this bowl win. They'd be 7-6. He's doing a great job, man. They're scoring a lot. They lost a couple of games by one touchdown. They could have been an 8-4 team. Things happen. I don't like people taking away from them, ‘cause they're doing great things, too."

On analysts predicting Nkemdiche to Ole Miss only because of his brother, Denzel:

"It bugs me. I don't matter. I'm always the bigger man about things like that. He don't really care. He couldn't care less what the media says, what people think."

Was Ole Miss' loss to Texas A&M a turning point?

"It was. My brother, when he really loves something, when he really has a feel for something, he puts his heart into it. I saw him putting his heart into it. I want to come help him do great things (at Ole Miss).

"I was thinking, ‘I can come in here and do great things, man.' For real."

On recruiting fellow five-star Antonio Conner:

"We always be talking about it. That's my dog. He's real cool. We have a little something in the bag, but we're not saying too much right now. We talk about recruiting, though."

Nkemdiche and Conner a package deal?

"It'd be something we consider."

Conner said earlier this week he's favoring Alabama?

"Nah. He ain't going away from Ole Miss."

Did you start recruiting him to Ole Miss, or did he start recruiting you to Ole Miss?

"He started getting me first."

Why say Alabama is leading?

"He's a fool. He's funny. He was joking."

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