Murray's Sunday Statement

ATHENS – Aaron Murray is returning for his senior season – so what does that mean?

There's not much bad in an announcement that a senior quarterback will return to a team – particularly one as good as Murray has been over the last three years.

Murray's return means one thing, and one thing only – he's coming back to win it all.

Four yards can be a pesky thing to get over, and apparently Murray's still not over not getting into the end zone against Alabama at the 2012 SEC Championship Game.

He shouldn't be over it.

For days Murray said he was having a difficult time sleeping as a result of the play that ended that game. He knows how close – one play away – he and the Bulldogs were from going to South Beach to play for it all. That, combined with a slew of other things, was too much to turn away from.

There will be many good things about Murray's return – the most significant is ending any sort of question mark at quarterback this fall.

But Murray was clear in what he said Sunday night. He's not coming back to mentor younger quarterbacks (even though that will happen); he's not coming back to set records (even though that is unavoidable); he's not coming back to raise his draft status.

He's coming back to win it all – and that's significantly easier said than done - but he said it.

Murray will be judged on winning a title or not in the future. If he can accomplish his stated goals he will go down as the (yes, I am about to say it) best quarterback in Georgia history.

And that's something to come back for to be sure.

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