We All Saw This Coming

The truth is we all saw this coming – everyone except Urban Meyer and Lou Holtz, of course.

Back to those two in a minute.

The moment Chris Conley caught Aaron Murray's tipped pass and fell harmlessly to the turf at the soon-to-be-destroyed-for-no-reason Georgia Dome Alabama won the BCS National Title.

You know it. I know it. Hell, Meyer and Holtz probably know it, too, but they won't admit it (they sure didn't admit it before the game).

The particulars were all that was to be sorted out – such as: How many yards would Bama rush for against the "vaunted" Notre Dame defense featuring the suddenly-on-skates Manti Te'o? Just how red does Brian Kelly's face get while screaming on the sideline? And how many times would the Irish miss a tackle?

Answer to all three: a lot.

But trust me – the outcome of the 2013 BCS National Championship Game was never in doubt. The winner of the Alabama-Georgia game was going to win it.

Do I sound like typical SEC guy? Yeah, I do, because after covering this conference for 12 years on an up close and personal level I can assure you that SEC football is a total monster that will have nothing – not the NCAA; not morals; obviously not Touchdown Jesus – stand in its way to glory.

Because for all the sunshine ESPN and NBC have pumped about Notre Dame this year Alabama punked the Irish from the start of the game to the finish. This BCS National Championship Game wasn't so much a game as much as it was spectators keeping score on just how bad it would get – and it got bad from the start.

After all, when Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, Texas A&M and Georgia are more competitive against the Tide in the first half than #1 Notre Dame is it speaks to how much better the SEC is than everyone else (not that we are surprised by that).

For the record – every SEC game Alabama played was more competitive in the first half than the game with Notre Dame – every one of them but the Auburn game.

Hell, Gene Chizik didn't have to be competitive in the first half… he's got his BCS title. Think about that… Gene Chizik has a BCS title. You think he was going to get that at Iowa State?

I know… I know – you don't want to hear about it… and yet no one ever does anything about it.

But the truth hurts, and Florida, as it turns out, was the outlier… not the rule.

Just after that game the haters were out in full force: "The SEC is overrated."





Don't confuse the one game the SEC doesn't win as anything other than a statistical anomaly.

How many more big games does the conference have to win? How many BCS titles – if you are keeping score at home that's 9 of 14 BCS titles – must it win? You don't have to have a PhD in Mathematics to understand that the SEC is straight up dominant.

"But its sooooo annoying."

I won't dispute that.

Everyone down here understands that – we just don't care. By the way – do you think it's a lot of fun for the other SEC schools to live around the fans of the school that won the BCS any given year? (You should take a moment and say a little prayer for Auburn fans... they need anything they can get right now). Remember that down here in the SEC we are more obsessed with fighting one another than worrying about what the rest of the country thinks of us.

Y'all? You steal one another's mascots - down here we get arrested doing lewd acts after games... and killing trees.

Yeah, that's us.

That's why we – how do you say bend the rules? – care more than any other conference in the NCAA. Football never ends here because, with the exception of perhaps Christmas, every other day in the SEC is about recruiting – but that is a completely different rabbit hole to jump down some other day.

For now I will say what Meyer and Holtz wouldn't – Alabama won the national title on December 1st at the Georgia Dome when the Bulldogs' effort came up five yards short.

"It's all Alabama," Kelley said knowingly when asked about the game going into the locker room down 28-0 at the half.

At least he was telling the truth. That's more than the two former SEC coaches, who should know better, did.

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