2013 Georgia Recruiting Primer

ATHENS – This is the time of year where, if you don't follow recruiting on a day-to-day basis, your head can start swimming.

Dawg Post has prepared a primer for you to get through the rest of recruiting season. The players reviewed are those who may still sign with the Bulldogs – those most on the radar at this time.

Alvin Kamara
Why Kamara matters to Georgia: The Bulldogs have only one committed running back, and Kamara's play in 2012 indicates he could be a star in college.

In addition to signing him for its own uses, Georgia can keep Kamara away from Alabama - enough said.

Position: RB | Size: 5-10/191 | Hometown: Norcross, Ga. - Norcross
Visits Left: Alabama (01/19); Georgia (01/26)
Commitment timeline: Likely before Signing Day (02/06), but after Georgia visit (01/26)
Who else could have a say: No one at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: It will be Alabama or Georgia. This has been back and forth for months, but we will likely find out who wins out for the top back in Georgia late in January. Kamara has yet to take an official visit, but he should have those set up in the very near future. I have been told Alabama will get their official visit this weekend, and then Georgia on the weekend of January 25th.
Latest Update: Kamara: Visits Will Matter A Lot
Laremy Tunsil
Why Tunsil matters to Georgia: Any time you can get a legit left tackle prospect to sign with you that's a big deal. Tunsil is a top-notch prospect Georgia is in the lead with. The Bulldogs need to close the deal, and sign the top lineman out of Florida for the second year in a row.

Position: OT | Size: 6-6/295 | Hometown: Lake City, Fla. - Columbia
Visits Left: Alabama (01/12); Georgia (01/19); Ole Miss (01/26); Florida State (02/02)
Commitment timeline: Likely Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: Mother
Chad Simmons' Take: Alabama and Georgia have been in a heated, but quiet battle for the top offensive tackle in the country for months. Tunsil does not say a lot, but Georgia is thought to have the lead less than a month before Signing Day, but the only one that really knows that is Tunsil himself. This one will go down to the wire and a school that should not be forgotten in this is Florida State. The Seminoles will get Tunsil's final official visit.
Latest Update: A new school in the mix for Tunsil
Reuben Foster
Why Foster matters to Georgia: Foster would likely immediately replace Alec Ogletree at one of the middle linebacker spots on the 2013 defense. Foster would be a massive, massive pickup for Georgia on a slew of levels. In particular, Foster has been one elusive prospect for the Bulldogs, but one who could make the top blow off the class on Signing Day.

Position: LB | Size: 6-1/2240 | Hometown: Auburn, Ala. - Auburn
Visits Left: Washington (01/12), Alabama (01/19); Georgia (01/26)
Commitment timeline: Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: No one at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: I still see Auburn as the leader at this time. Foster may or may not take an official visit there, but either way, that doesn't mean a lot. Auburn is down the road from his house; he has daughter that he would stay close to; and he is close to a number of their commitments. Georgia is Auburn's main competition right now, but you can never rule out Alabama, the school he originally committed to.
Latest Update: Foster: "It's a win-win at Washington"
Tyrone Crowder
Why Crowder matters to Georgia: Recruiting and signing offensive linemen has been not been the strong suit of the Mark Richt Era at Georgia. For whatever reason, Georgia has had a difficult time with this particular position in recruiting than any other. So, therefore, the more offensive linemen the better - the simplistic thinking would go. Perhaps that's too simplistic. But when a top regional lineman is left to be had, that is an attractive notion for the Bulldogs.

Position: OL | Size: 6-3, 340 | Hometown: Rockingham, NC - Richmond
Visits Left: Perhaps a visit to Georgia
Commitment timeline: Between a possible visit to Georgia (unknown date) and Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: No one at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: Clemson leads in this one. Georgia has not been in pursuit of Crowder, but as we all know, that can change at any minute. At this time however, all signs point towards Clemson signing Crowder, Georgia is in his top two.
Latest Update: Plan's in place for Crowder
Montravius Adams
Why Adams matters to Georgia: Put simply: Adams could very well start right away at Georgia. If he didn't start in the first game of his career he would almost certainly start at some point early in his career. He has the most upside and potential of any prospect in the state beyond Brice Ramsey. Adams is silent, but strong. His development in college could mimic former Bulldogs Charles Johnson's.

Position: DL | Size: 6-3, 300 | Hometown: Vienna, Ga. - Dooly County
Visits Left: Florida (01/05), Clemson (01/12), Alabama (01/19) and Georgia (01/26)
Commitment timeline: On Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: Mom
Chad Simmons' Take: Georgia has battled back into this one. The Bulldogs fell behind early and were likely fifth or sixth on his list at one time, but are now thought to be at, or near the top of his list. Clemson may have led at one time; Florida is very much in the race; and Auburn may be back in it now, too. Auburn was leading entering before a disastrous 2012 season.
Latest Update: Adams Gets a New Visitor
Shaq Wiggins
Why Wiggins matters to Georgia: Every program in the country needs cover corners, and Wiggins is just that. He's been concerned with the amount of defensive backs the Bulldogs have committed to them, but Wiggins is still committed to Georgia. Think of Wiggins as a shorter Damien Swann - he's worked out OK so far.

Position: DB | Size: 5-10, 160 | Hometown: Tyrone, Ga. - Sandy Creek
Visits Left: South Carolina (01/12), Florida (01/19), Ole Miss (01/26) and Texas A&M (02/02)
Commitment timeline: Early February or on Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: Mom
Chad Simmons' Take: South Carolina is the main competition here. Georgia has a chance to hang on, but it is not going to be easy. Wiggins has taken official visits to Georgia and South Carolina with visits to Florida, Ole Miss and Texas A&M still on his schedule between now and Signing Day. At this time, it is likely Carolina or Georgia.
Latest Update: Wiggins felt wanted in Columbia
Davin Bellamy
Why Bellamy matters to Georgia: Bellamy is the type of body that fits well into Todd Grantham's 3-4 scheme. He's got plenty of room to grow, too. There was a time when Bellamy wasn't being recruited heavily by the Bulldogs - but that's changed in a big way.

Position: DE | Size: 6-5, 225 | Hometown: Chamblee, Ga. - Chamblee
Visits Left: Florida State (01/12), Tennessee (01/19) and Georgia (01/26)
Commitment timeline: Between visit to Georgia (01/26) and Signing Day (02/06)
Who else could have a say: None at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: Georgia will get Bellamy's final official visit on the weekend of January 25th. He visited Florida State this past weekend and he will be at Tennessee next weekend. Georgia is in this. The Bulldogs have come on strong, and new defensive line coach Chris Wilson could be a factor here.
Latest Update: Bellamy still looking after FSU visit?
Toby Johnson
Why Johnson matters to Georgia: Todd Grantham likes big bodies, and here is one he likes a lot. JUCO players will have to have some say in the 2013 Georgia defensive line because of the loss of players like John Jenkins and Kwamae Geathers. But the Bulldogs have plenty of competition for Johnson, and they will have to figure out how to sign him.

Position: DL | Size: 6-3, 296 | Hometown: College Park, Ga. - Hutchinson JUCO
Visits Left: Unknown
Commitment timeline: Could be at any time
Who else could have a say: None at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: Georgia has been in front for a while and despite the departure of Rodney Garner, the Bulldogs still lead. Johnson has taken his official visit to Georgia and that is behind him, but he has a connection to the state of Georgia. He's also been in regular contact with Todd Grantham and Mark Richt. Although we likely will not know Johnson's final decision until late January or Signing Day, it looks good for Georgia at this time.
Latest Update: Garner Hire Exciting For 4-Star Juco DT
Devondre Seymour
Why Seymour matters to Georgia: Another big body to play offensive line. It remains to be seen if Seymour could make it to campus in the fall of 2013, so signing him could be with an eye to the future.

Position: OL | Size: 6-5, 310 | Hometown: Suwanee, Ga. - North Gwinnett
Visits Left: Unknown
Commitment timeline: Unknown
Who else could have a say: None at this time
Chad Simmons' Take: Georgia has been up and down with Seymour over the past six to nine months. The Bulldogs offered him early and there is no doubt about his potential, but there are some academics concerns. Georgia brought him in for an official visit and they actually could sign and place him if needed, or they could just be laying the groundwork to re-recruit him out of prep school or junior college.
Latest Update: UNC Exceeds Seymour's Expectations

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