Glad the Power Went Out

VIENNA, GA – Most teenagers would be in a near panic if their beloved cell phone was running out of power – Dooly County's Montravius Adams seemed to be cheering for that to happen.

With Signing Day fast approaching the country's 11th-best player looked relieved to find out his cell phone had died in the middle of a photo shoot Thursday afternoon. It was impossible not to notice the look on Adams' face as he heard his phone vibrate for the last time late in the afternoon.

"That could mean one of two things," Adams said. "Either my phone died, or that was another coach calling me."

The good news for Adams was that his phone was indeed dead. The bad news is that he is not nearly done with phone calls from coaches. But at that moment, he was no longer ignoring calls – he was just missing them because his phone has run out of power, and that seemed to brighten his day, or at least break up what has become an exhausting routine of coaches and media contacting him.

Mentally spent, Adams said he was relieved to sit and snap a few photos in the midst of speaking with coaches from Clemson, Auburn, Georgia and Alabama.

"I'm just relaxed," Adams said when asked why he was being so quiet. "It's been like this every day."

Adams was referring to the plethora of calls and visits he has received from schools this off season. Today was not the first stressful day of the week for Adams. Coaches from Florida and Southern California visited the five-star defensive tackle on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Adams entered the school Thursday morning expecting exactly what he had seen all week, but today was unlike any day this off season. Adams was met by not one coach, but by a slew of different coaching staffs from opposing schools.

"I had only heard Auburn was coming." Adams said with a smile.

But then, in order, Clemson, Georgia and Alabama showed up. Immediately the awkward dance that is more than ten college football assistant coaches visiting the same recruit on the same day pretty much at the same time started.

Adams wasn't the only person left clueless in the shuffle of recruiting appointments. Every set of coaches showed up with the intent of talking to Adams immediately--only to find they would have to wait their turn.

Dooly County head coach Jimmy Hughes was at the helm of the operation. Thursday he sat in the gym where he was some sort of combination of physical education teacher and traffic director. Hughes sat patiently while coaches continued to pile through the gym doors.

Each coach's facial expression revealed confusion at the sight of their recruiting rivals standing in the same gym.

The morning started out casually with no one coach having an edge in face time with Adams. Clemson took the first stab when Robby Caldwell and defensive line coach Dan Brooks went to lunch with Adams to speak for an hour.

After Adams returned from lunch with Clemson it was Auburn's turn for some time with him… when they could find him.

Auburn defensive line coach Rodney Garner waited for Adams in the field house parking lot until he noticed Georgia offensive line coach Will Friend arriving at Dooly County High School.

Garner and Friend, who were on the same staff at Georgia until a few weeks ago, spoke briefly about the day as they waited for Adams to arrive, but he never did. After a few minutes of silence the two coaches got into Friend's rental car and drove to the gym in search of Adams. Two coaches from opposing Southeastern Conference schools teaming up to find one prospect summarized the insanity and awkwardness of the day's events.

Each coach found himself in a different part of the school; whether it was the gym, the cafeteria or the field house parking lot. Every coach had the same goal, and that was to get time with Adams.

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, defensive line coach Chris Wilson and Friend seemed to have the final word with Adams near the end of the day. But Alabama's Kirby Smart and Chris Rumph also joined the party at the end of the school day.

During Adams' break between meetings with Alabama and Georgia, he said the day's events would have no immediate impact on his ultimate decision.

"I still don't know where I want to go," Adams said. "And no one believes me when I tell them that."

VIENNA, GA - Dooly County DL Montravious Adams during a photo shoot with Fox Sports Next on January 17, 2013. (Dean Legge/Fox Sports Next)

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