Winners, Losers, Up, and Down

This new feature on Between the Hedges will highlight the fortune and misfortunes of the college football world. While mainly focusing on Southern pigskin politics and play, the column will at some times discuss issues that are affecting the national scene.

The price of tickets at Georgia

''We (the UGA Athletic Association) agreed three years ago that we would not do anything to raise our prices. We are currently in the last year of that agreement.'' That was Vince Dooley's quote to the Athens-Banner Herald early this summer in regards to Georgia ticket prices. The current ticket price is $27 per home game. Dooley said that the ticket price would more than likely climb to at least $32 per home game after this season. This increase would put Georgia near the top of the SEC in terms of ticket prices.

The weight of North Carolina quarterback Luke Huard

Luke Huard is North Carolina's only experienced quarterback, but he will not be participating in fall drills until he loses weight that he gained over the summer. According to the North Carolina Staff, Huard is no less than 10 pounds overweight and will not be allowed to take part in practice until he loses that weight. Ideally, North Carolina would like Huard to weight 225 pounds.

Any chance of getting tickets for the Clemson-Georgia Tech game in September

Unless you already have them, you will not be getting them. Georgia Tech's stadium will be jam packed for the Clemson game on September 29th. Tech has already sold out two games this season, the other being the Georgia game. ABC will likely pick up the Clemson game.

Steve Spurrier's confidence in the Bowl Championship Series

"The Big 12 and the SEC, we have a way to have one winner in football. We don't have co-champs. Yet all of our other sports in the SEC, we have co-champs and tri-champs. In basketball, we had four a few years ago. How come we can't find a way to have one winner in all the other sports, but all the other sports found a way to have a national championship? And yet in football, we still could have two, with the AP and the coach's poll, I guess" A discouraged Steve Spurrier was quoted as saying the previous statement at the SEC meetings in Birmingham earlier this week. Although Spurrier does not feel that he will ever coach in a playoff game, he does wonder about the validity of the BCS formula. Spurrier thinks some coaches are voting their team higher in the coaches' poll in order to get incentives that are in their contracts at the end of the season.

Ole Miss' Offensive line

The return of Terrence Metcalf for his 5th and final season of football at Ole Miss will help the Rebel line this season. Metcalf decided to come back to Oxford this fall after considering leaving for the NFL. Head Coach David Cutcliffe talked with Metcalf in the spring and convinced the 6-3, 315 guard to stay in school one more season. Metcalf's return will allow him to complete his business management degree in December.

Derek Watson

Watson, constantly in trouble with the law, has applied to enter a program that would subject him to community service as well as drug and alcohol testing. Lawyers for Watson have asked that prosecutors in the case drop charges against the junior Gamecock running back. The scheduled court date for Watson is September 13th; the Thursday after Carolina plays Georgia in Athens. Kerry Tharp, spokesman for the University of South Carolina said that in order for Watson to be cleared to play football the university and the athletic department must approve the troubled star's return. Lou Holtz, head coach at South Carolina said, "I'm very pleased with all of the things he (Watson) has done this summer. But he also has some obligations to the university, which he has to handle. That's between him and the university. He's going to meet with them later this week."

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