Barrett Jones: "Let's go get No. 16"

As the confetti fell on the Walk of Champions Saturday afternoon at the national championship celebratory parade, it marked the end of careers for Alabama stars like Eddie Lacy, Chance Warmack and Barrett Jones.

Eddie Lacy may be leaving Alabama for the NFL, but he's still not revealing any juicy stories about Nick Saban.

"Nope, I won't tell," he said, giggling. "I don't know anything. I'm taking all those to the grave."

Though current and former players could fill a book with stories about the Alabama head coach, whether it's out of fear, respect or both, they aren't spilling the details.

Lacy, as well as several other departing stars, spoke with reporters after Saturday afternoon's national championship parade. Chance Warmack, who was part of all three of the Crimson Tide's recent national title teams, was asked if a celebration like this ever gets old.

"Not really," he said.

And as Pitbull's "Don't Stop the Party" blared throughout the Walk of Champions plaza, Warmack said that despite all the talent leaving this year's team, next year's group will be even better.

"This train is not stopping at all," he said. "They keep reloading on players. When players leave such as myself and my teammates and other players come in, the coaching's the same. They're going to be even better next year."

Warmack, who has been spending time with his family and learning about the process of getting ready for the NFL since returning from Miami, has no idea who will replace him at left guard next season.

"They've got a good group of guys coming in," he said. "I haven't had a really good chance to meet them or anything, but it's the program, the structure that they have here that just makes you a great player."

During the celebration, several people took turns speaking in front of the thousands of fans that began gathering in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium at 10:30 for a 1:30 parade. BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock presented the Coaches Trophy to Nick Saban, Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore said a few words, Saban expressed how proud he is of this team and Eli Gold was the emcee.

Fifth-year senior center Barrett Jones also took a turn on the mike as a valedictorian of sorts, speaking on behalf of the senior class.

"When this year started, we knew this would be the most difficult challenge we would face," said Jones, who sported a cast on his left foot after recently having surgery to repair several torn ligaments. "Repeating is something that's really hard. This team embraced the challenge. We were able to achieve that.

"The great thing about this team is that I think more than any other team I've been on, this team reached their full potential."

Like Saban, Jones praised his teammates for all they were able to accomplish this season and the adversity they were able to overcome in order to do so. Then in conclusion, he said, "Let's go get No. 16. Roll tide." And the crowd went crazy.

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