Ask the Expert: Alvin Kamara

Dean Legge talks with Fox Sports Next's Chad Simmons about the recruiting future of Alvin Kamara.

Legge: The upcoming visit for Alvin Kamara seems to be Georgia's last chance to keep him from signing with Alabama. The question is simple: What to the Bulldogs need to do in order to get him to sign with them and not the Tide?

Simmons: The question is simple, the answer is too. Georgia has to make him feel comfortable. The Dawgs have had him on campus numerous times, they have really gotten to know him well, and they have their chance to get the top running back in their home state this weekend. This is it. Alabama impressed him as expected. Kamara met the families of the coaching staff, he spent a lot of time with Nick Saban, and it is Georgia's turn. It will not be easy to beat Alabama for this one, but it is very possible. It all comes down to this visit.

Legge: Kamara may have been the most impressive player in the high school playoffs in Georgia this past fall. One of the things that's so impressive to see from him is that he seems to understand when to slow down, or be quiet with his feet, and he certainly understands when to explode. Those attributes really help running backs, but what else does Kamara have that make him special?

Simmons: I have a lot of respect for Kamara on and off the field. If young kids have been watching seniors this season and trying to learn how to handle the pressure of recruiting, I hope they watched Kamara. This kid works hard, he is a team leader, he puts his team first, and he has taken the recruiting process at the right speed for him with all he had going on. On the field, Kamara is exciting to watch. He can make a cut in a flash, he has excellent feet through the hole and in traffic, and he has that burst that many cannot re-direct to. He plays with patience and he also has hands as good as some top receivers.

Legge: Lots of folks would like to know just what Alabama is going to do with four running backs in a signing class – explain, if possible.

Simmons: They are going to win. That much I know. As far as playing time and just where each young man will end up, we will see over time. I think 'Bama will work each in as they progress and earn that playing time. Derrick Henry is the wildcard, but I think he will still get his share of touches out of the backfield. Altee Tenpenny could end up at Alabama, but Arkansas is a legit threat to the Tide. Then, you have Tyren Jones, another elite back out of Georgia who is as balanced as they come. He does so many things well. Kamara would have his role too. He has talked to me about how they would put him in motion to create mismatches, how they would use him as a single back and in the two back set, so it appears Alabama has a plan. What is clear to me is, Alabama wants the best players on their roster, and Kamara is one of the top 75 prospects in the country. They want him for the same reasons Georgia wants him.

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