Dawgs Solidify Position with Tunsil

Fox Sports Next's Amy Campbell caught up with five-star offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil after his official visit to Georgia.

Amy Campbell: So how was your visit to Georgia?

Laremy Tunsil: It was pretty good.

Amy Campbell: What types of things did you get to see and do maybe that were different than other times you have been up there.

Laremy Tunsil: When I went up there the first time I saw a lot of things, but this time I got to see a lot of the players.

Amy Campbell: Who was you host?

Laremy Tunsil: Todd Gurley.

Amy Campbell: And you know him from before… right?

Laremy Tunsil: I do know him from before. I met him during the summer.

Amy Campbell: So did you have a good time with him and some of the other players that you hung out with while you were up there?

Laremy Tunsil: Yes ma'am, I did have a lot of fun up there.

Amy Campbell: What do you think about the mindset and vibe of that team – those players? Is that a good atmosphere?

Laremy Tunsil: Yes, that's a great team atmosphere. They are all brothers.

Amy Campbell: Which coaches did you mostly talk to, and what did they say?

Laremy Tunsil: I talked mainly with all of them.

Amy Campbell: What sorts of things were they saying about how much they want you, and how much they will use you?

Laremy Tunsil: We really didn't talk about that they wanted me.

Amy Campbell: So what kind of conversation was it? Was it pretty much just catching up?

Laremy Tunsil: Yes, it was pretty much talking about what would happen.

Amy Campbell: Who went with you to Athens?

Laremy Tunsil: My mom and bothers.

Amy Campbell: What did your mom think about it?

Laremy Tunsil: She thought it was nice, too.

Amy Campbell: So where does Georgia stand with you now after the visit?

Laremy Tunsil: Well they are in the same place.

Amy Campbell: And you have Ole Miss this weekend.

Laremy Tunsil: Yes, this will be my first trip out there.

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