Hendrix Surprised By Newest Offer

Surprised by a new offer on Monday, Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne 2014 linebacker Dorian Hendrix talks about his SEC offer and the other programs showing increased interest.

For new Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops the path back to his home state for top prospects has been good. Monday, Stoops started working hard on the next group of players in the Buckeye state with a new offer.

"I went down to Kentucky on Sunday," said Dorian Hendrix. "They really wanted me to come down on Saturday but I had a track meet so we went down on Sunday. Coach (Vince) Marrow who is the recruiting coach for my area introduced me to some of the members of the coaching staff when we got there.

"Coach (Mark) Stoops, Coach (D.J.) Eliot and Coach Marrow all seem really personable and nice and real genuine. I had a chance to meet the previous staff as well, but I really like this new staff they've got now."

As Wildcat fans have seen the past few weeks the aggressive nature of recruiting Ohio by the new staff is at an all-time high and something discussed with prospects north of Lexington.

"Recruiting guys from Ohio was something I talked about with Coach Marrow," explained Hendrix. "He told me he couldn't understand why the previous staffs never hit Ohio as hard as this staff is doing. I feel it's going to help them as there are a lot of athletes in Ohio. I noticed the previous staff wasn't going into Ohio either when I was down this past summer for camp."

Another area the Wildcats new staff is pushing is the upgrades coming soon.

"They are getting ready to get some big donors and getting ready to add onto their football facilities," said Hendrix. "That should be something they'll be doing about the time I would come in. The facilities they already have are pretty nice and the staff feels this is the time to come in as they've are pushing UK football hard. They feel UK football is a gold mine that's been left untapped."

As for learning about his offer, Hendrix still gets chills thinking about it.

"It was pretty exciting to sit down with Coach Stoops and talk about it," said Hendrix. "When I was leaving the meeting Coach Marrow said I had a scholarship offer. My mother and I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page so we called Coach Marrow and he let me know they really liked me and were extending me a scholarship offer.

"With it being an SEC offer on top of that is good too. Coach Marrow explained to me how they are going after guys who fit their scheme and only going for guys who can really play ball."

As for where Stoops and company see Hendrix on the field, even he was a little surprised.

"They see me as an inside player," said Hendrix. "But they also feel I have the speed having run a 4.5 forty and were saying they could also see me as a strong safety. I've never played safety so that would be new. I'm sure it wouldn't be very hard as I'm a fast learner."

While excited about his Kentucky offer, Hendrix is also getting attention from several other programs including Purdue where there is a local tie to his high school program.

"I'm talking with (assistant) coach Marcus Freeman," said Hendrix. Coach Freeman played at Wayne and he's new at Purdue and wants me to come over for a visit. So I'm going to try and get that set up and try and see what Coach Freeman is talking about.

"I'm also getting ready to go over to Indiana and Illinois (offer) but looking to take the recruiting process slow right now."

While taking things slow now Hendrix knows in a few weeks things will begin to heat up.

"I feel things are really going to heat up once colleges sign the players in the 2013 recruiting class," said Hendrix. "Getting a big offer like Kentucky was a surprise so I've started talking with my family about the possibly of committing before the summer is over if I have an idea of where I want to go. I'm also on track to graduate early if I wanted to."

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