3 Takeaways: Florida Slams Georgia

Dean Legge's three takeaways from Georgia's 64-47 loss to Florida.

1. Repeat performance – It is not like we've not seen or heard this before. Somewhere around the mid-part of the second half the chant was very clear – Blue… Orange… Blue… Orange.

Billy Donovan didn't win two NCAA titles by being an idiot. Right away he pressed Georgia, and the stat sheet showed that Florida's pressure got to Georgia. The Bulldogs ended the night with 17 turnovers – way too many for a team planning on leaving Stegeman with a win. Georgia played well at the start of the game, but its ball handlers simply couldn't figure out how to deal with the press.

Georgia and Florida, who are bitter rivals, are not anywhere in the same galaxy in basketball. The Bulldogs played well in the first half, but it didn't take the Gators long to impose their will on the Dawgs. These Bulldogs can't play with the Gators – that much we know after contests that ended with Florida collecting 77-44 and 64-47 wins.

Georgia, and not for the first time this season, looked confused and puzzled when playing offense. After surrendering the lead to Florida midway in the second half, the Bulldogs struggled to put together consecutive non-disastrous offensive sets.

Again, it wasn't anything we've not seen before. I'm afraid it's not the last time we will see it this season. Georgia is just plain bad on offense.

2. Repeat performance – By the time the final buzzer sounded, the Bulldogs walked off the floor with another double-digit loss in conference play. This is the fourth time in five games Georgia has lost a conference game by more than ten points.

This is becoming the story of Georgia's season.

That's barley being competitive. Georgia is already four games back of first place in the conference having only played five games.

This is not new – witness Georgia's start of SEC play in 2012 – also a 1-4 start and four games back of first five games into the season.

3. This can't continue – Something needs to change. Georgia can't get beat by double digits in four out of five SEC games. That's not the type of competitiveness Georgia should tolerate for long.

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