Ask the Expert: Davin Bellamy

Dean Legge talks with Fox Sports Next's Chad Simmons about the recruiting future of Davin Bellamy.

Dean Legge: It is clear that Todd Grantham is a key player in Bellamy's process. What does he need to do to take Georgia from third place to first in the next two weeks?

Chad Simmons: It is hard to know exactly if UGA is in third place, but it seems like that going into this visit. Bellamy has been one though that can change his thoughts on a school quickly. It is not that he doesn't like UGA, he does, but he has not been recruited by them the same way or for as long as FSU has recruited him. With that said, both D.J. Eliot and Dameyune Craig are no longer at FSU and they were the coaches that recruited him for the 'Noles. Tennessee's staff is new as well and now UGA is back in the mix, so each school has a shot. He will likely visit N.C. State too on February 1. This visit is it for Georgia though. They have to get in the game here or they are out. They have to show Bellamy how he can fit into their scheme and how he could make an early impact. If they do those things, UGA will be a true contender.

Dean Legge: Last year the Bulldogs rallied to steal and sign a committed player, Josh Dawson (Vanderbilt at the time), on Signing Day. Are there similarities with Dawson and Bellamy in terms of the recruiting process late in the ballgame?

Chad Simmons: There are a few similarities actually... Both grew up fans of Georgia, both were offered by Georgia after other schools had offered them, and both visited Georgia in January after being committed to an ACC school for a significant amount of time. They are both similar players too... Both are long at 6-feet, 3-inches tall or taller, both are versatile, and both have played other sports in high school. The one difference here is, Tucker has been a Georgia feeder and Chamblee has not. I thought at this time a year ago that Georgia would get Dawson, but I am not so sure as of today with Bellamy. This weekend could change my feeling though.

Dean Legge: The question remains, too, where Bellamy will play in college. So where will be play –defensive end or outside linebacker?

Chad Simmons: It really depends. If he goes to FSU or Tennessee, it is all defensive end, weakside defensive end to be exact. At Georgia, they will move him around from end to outside backer. He would play some with his hand on the ground and some standing up. He is a great athlete who has good room to develop physically and he loves to rush the quarterback. That is his biggest strength right now and that is why UGA has a little battle here trying to convince him he could excel in a role of outside linebacker in their scheme. He would play some with his hand down there, but not every down.

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