Ask the Expert: Reuben Foster

Dean Legge talks with Fox Sports Next's Chad Simmons about the recruiting future of Reuben Foster.

Dean Legge: So here we are after a ton of flirting for the bulk of the recruiting process of Reuben Foster - it is time of the official visit. What, if anything specific, does Georgia need to show Foster on this visit he doesn't already know about Georgia?

Chad Simmons: Georgia has done one thing right here, they have never slowed their recruitment down with Foster. UGA told him when committed to Alabama in the summer of 2011 that they would continue to pursue him and that is the reason why they are in this today. Georgia needs to show Foster that they want to build their defense around him for the next three to four years. He knows Georgia is about family too and that is so key with his recruitment. He has a daughter, he is a family guy, and he wants to go somewhere that he feels he is part of that big family. The guys he knows like Tray Matthews, Brice Ramsey, Shaq Wiggins, and other UGA commitments need to be part of this too. The relationships here is key and that is why I still give Auburn the edge. He knows a lot of the guys in that class and people affiliated with that university.

Dean Legge: Tray Matthews is enrolled at Georgia; Shaq Wiggins is fully committed to Georgia; Has the notion of Foster and Matthews (specifically) playing together in college been a sort-of teenage dream, or something more serious than that?

Chad Simmons: More of a dream in my opinion, but something I think both would love to come true. In the end though, both have to make the best decisions for themselves, and it could mean both sign with Georgia, but they have never been a package deal like they made some think months back. They are close friends, they would love to play on the same defense, but right now, the odds of that happening do not appear to be in UGA's favor.

Dean Legge: In the end, it seems unlikely that Foster will move his home, where he has a daughter, three hours away when he can stay where he is and play college football miles from his home. Why would he leave Auburn, Alabama to play football anywhere else?

Chad Simmons: They has to be some major convincing done by the Georgia coaching staff this weekend. When a kid lives two miles from a school he was formerly committed to, it is tough to get him to move on that despite that school having a new staff in place. Georgia has been on Foster's mind for a long time and he has stayed in contact with the Bulldog staff, but this will not be easy. It is going to be about those relationships Foster has with people in Athens, how Todd Grnatham and Kirk Olivadotti shows him they can prepare him for the NFL, and just how he will fit into that family at Georgia.

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